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19 Years of Motherhood And Still Not Doing It Right

Becoming THAT Crazy Cat or Dog Lady

One of the reasons I started blogging....back in the days of  when posting pictures of your kids on the internet was bad and way before those same kids started posting pictures (and videos) of themselves....on the internet....was my being able to connect with other parents on the internet.

I still do, but now that my kids are older (me too, dammit!) it can be real difficult keeping stuff all lighthearted....most especially, here at This Full House of extreme hormonal imbalance and severe teenage angst....sometimes.

Okay, most of the time.

Fiiiiiiiine, I sort of get why really, really, really old people (you know, folks much, much, much older than me) are crazy.  Their kids made them that way. 

Then, they dress up their pets and buy them organic food and stuff and maybe one day I will be that crazy cat or dog lady, too.


For example:  Doofus-Dawg has this funny way of thumping his tail when he's in the middle of...well...what I imagine to be a real kick-ass dream.


Aaaaaand, then the kick-ass-ness gets real intense and the thumping gets quicker.


Then the dream goes full on...SQUIRREL!!!!!


No lie.  This time, I happened to have my phone charging while working at the desktop and I hear:  thump-thump-thump-thump-thump.

So, I grabbed my cell phone and then, sure as you'll find hairballs under our couch, secured my rightful place in parenting hell:


You see?  Et tu Doofus-Dawg?  Totally made a total liar out of me.  The REAL funny part is he came right back and marched his hairy butt straight to the couch.

The Revenge of Doofus Dawg
Hahaha, real funny, now I triple-dawg dare you to try and get me from off the couch, b8tch!

Normally, Doofus-Dawg isn't allowed on the couch.  This time, I made an exception, because I am nothing if NOT inconsistent with my parenting skillz, too.

Besides, those are my son's clothes....he never did take them upstairs, like I told him to, this morning....and, well, the clothes are going to end up on the floor...eventually...or my son will throw them back into the hamper...clean or not, who cares?...anyway.

Aaaaand then feed me strained carrots....eventually...but NOT today...DAMMIT!

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