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More Big Bang for Their Buck

If you were to visit my house, on any given day, you would most likely be very surprised to hear any one of my daughters herself or Korean...and my son begging me or his father to...PLEASE, MAKE THEM STOP!!!

Not that my son has anything against the Korean.  Or any other language, really.  Although, I have it on good authority that his Spanish teacher may or may not have made a pact with the devil.

Teenagers can be SO weird about stuff, sometimes.

Which brings me back to all three of my daughters and their long-time obsession with K-pop (a.k.a. Korean pop music) more specifically, the boy group Big Bang.

photo credit: Big Bang on Facebook

Ask my daughters something in Korean...g'head...and they will NOT have ANY idea what you are saying.  Ask  them to recite the lyrics to one of Big Bang's songs...fuhghettaboutit...they will give you twenty.

So, when my oldest learned that Big Bang's Alive tour was coming to the United States in L.A. and Newark here in Jersey...ONLY!!!...well, cover your ears...SQUEEEEEE!!!!

She woke up super early on her day off (before noon, she's 18, enough said) the day the tickets went on sale and right when she was about ready to hit PURCHASE...GAHHHHH!!!

Her latop shutdown after performing an automatic update.  

After belting out a few choice words in, well, I'm still not quite sure WHAT language Holly was speaking (best guess, a mashup between Korean and Jersey-pissed) but I do know that she has since disabled automatic updates.

She was able to score two tickets (one for herself and one for my middle girl, much to the chagrin of her youngest sister, but let's not go back there, okay?) they weren't as great as the first set of tickets, pre-reboot...[insert Korean expletive, here]...however, sixth row-right-of -stage-something-or-another was deemed more than adequate and totally within SQUEE-ing distance to K-pop nirvana.  

Big Bank T-shirts Finished

Flash-forward to last night:   so the girls stayed up ALL night making their own t-shirts for...SQUEE!!!...the concert (even let their baby sister in on their revelry) and life was good. 

Holly and Heather Bing Bang
Big Bang Bound

Until, Garth (not his real name) came downstairs this morning and found one of his good t-shirts, newly fringed.

In their defense, they did ask...while he was asleep...and, yes, they learned from the best...YO!!!

Flash-forward to this afternoon:  I dropped the girls, along with their two bff's, in front of the Prudential Center in Newark (literally, pulled up and kicked them out at the curb, it's how we roll in Jersey)  and the lines were THIS LONG already.

My cell phone rang about 5:00 p.m., it was my oldest.

"Hey Holly, are you okay,what's wrong, are the girls okay?"

It's their first REAL concert, can you tell?

"Yeah, just wanted to tell you that we finally got inside."

Welcome to concerthood, my young padawan.  We chatted a bit and then I made the mistake of asking her if they had someting to eat.

"No, and that's a REAL funny story."

Long story, short (you're welcome) the merchandise carts are very near the entrance and who knew that they actually sold food on a whole OTHER level?!?

"We sort of ran out of money."

Actually, they had a dollar.  Aaaaand, I did what (I'm pretty sure) ANY parent would do.  I asked that really STUPID question.

"So, what DID you spend the money on?"

[one beat, two beats]

Uh-huh...T-SHIRTS!!!!...dammit...or 젠장 (jen-jang) if you're from Korea!!!

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