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Cyber Monday, A Blogger's Parody

Dedicated to everyone and anyone who found their email/inbox bombed by newsletters that you don't remember ever having subscribed to in the first place:

Cyber Monday, so disappointing to me,
Cyber Monday, it was worse than I thought Black Friday to be.
By Monday morning, Monday morning would pretty much guarantee,
That Monday evening I would have 3,982 emails waiting for me.

Cyber Monday, I get it, sometimes it just works out that way,
Cyber Monday, Black Friday starting on Thursday was bad enough you see.
Monday morning, I had little to no warning of what was to be,
Oh Cyber Monday, 3,982 emails, REALLY?!?

Every other day, every other day,
Being spammed every other holiday is bad enough, yeah.
But whenever Cyber Monday comes, but whenever Cyber Monday comes,
I'll be ready for you, the very next time.

Cyber Monday, you won't be disappointing me,
Cyber Monday, send me an unsolicited email and unsubscribed you shall  be.
Oh Monday morning, take this as a warning of what is to be,
On Cyber Monday, next year I'll be sending an auto-response, p.s. BITE ME!

With my sincerest apologies to the Mamas and the Papas.

Yours truly,

I.M. Tired N. Cranky

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