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Holidazed by the Chalkboard Project: I blame Pinterest AND @TheNextMartha

In this house (full as it is)  DIY projects are gauged by three very important factors:

1.  My husband's analytical mind:  I'd mention something about this or that getting done and then he would agree with me, using graphs and/or spread sheets and then submitting a final paper in nothing less than 1,000 words.

2.  My patience level:  I have none.  That is to say, with stuff that doesn't work right, after the 17th time and my aversion to reading directions doesn't help any...either.

3.  Calculating the time it takes to get the job done:  before my husband gets home.

Needless to say, we're a little behind on our DIY projects (not for the lack of wanting, either)  and, trust me when I tell you, ability has absolutely NOTHING to do with our ever-growing to do list...either.

Last year...I re-did our bathroom...during Thanksgiving week.

Okay, I just thought of a 4th import DIY factor:  if it is a holiday week, or not.

This week, I walked by the garage door and noticed the wallpaper was ripped (DAMMIT!) and who wallpapers a garage door, anyways?!?

[raises hand]

It was probably around the same time I papered the bathroom (ahem)  a.k.a. my wallpapering phaze (incorrectly spelled, on purpose) and I quickly figured out why, once I started stripping the wallpaper.

Christmas Door Wallpapered
Okay, so I ripped it even more, accidentally on purpose.

Like the domestic archaeologist I am, the evidence of my post-stenciling phaze (see previous parenthesis) was soon uncovered.  Also, I watched A LOT of TLC (look it up, youngersters)  when the kids were little-er. 

Christmas Door Peeled

Aaaaaand, it was absolutely hideous.  Looks like I attempted to paint the flowers, free-hand.  Silly me.  Now, I'm going to HAVE to paint the WHOLE friggin' door.

[looks at clock]

I can do this, right?!?  I called my friend Melisa on the way to Home Depot and told her about all the cool chalkboard projects I'd seen on Pinterest (a.k.a. my SQUIRREL!!!)  and she quickly talked me into it:  of course, you are crazy AND yes, you can do this!!!

Christmas Door Peeled
After I cleaned up all the peeled wallpaper, I mean.

Even the woman behind the paint counter told me so and NOT just because she was trying to sell me some paint...either.

Christmas Door Painted
Customized chalkboard paint FTW, this one's called moonstone.

I got it ALL done and cleaned up before Garth (not his real name) got home on Tuesday, but I actually had to let the door dry and cure for a couple of days.  I've grown A LOT of  patience, not just girth, over the years.  I would have NEVER removed the door handle back then, either. 

Chalking the Door
Snort!!! Look at me, rockin' the sweater poncho (AM SO!) with a hoodie and everything :)
Today, it was time.  I swiped the entire door with chalk and then wiped it down.  Why?  Well, because the woman behind the paint counter told me so know...she WAS wearing a Home Depot apron. 

"Oh, you mean, like seasoning a cast iron pan, because I forgot mine in the oven and well, you can still sort of smell it, like, 15 years later, can YOU imagine?!?"

[blank stare]

Aaaaand, I really DO need to learn when to end a converation.  Clearly, the woman was more comfortable talking about paint. 

Christmas Door Holidazed
Give an 11-year-old a piece of chalk and THIS....

Aaaaaand, she knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.  We love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE our new Christmas door...soon to be known as, New Year's door...oh, then there's Valentine's Day...don't forget St. Patrick's Day...aaaaaaaand...ummmmmm.

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Okay, so maybe my husband has a point (after 2o+ years of living with me, poor guy's holidazed enough)  I do tend to overdue stuff, just a little.   

The Christmas Door Finished
The view from our front door, and my favorite chair.

I also blame @TheNextMartha, not really.  I just wanted her to stop by my place and see that even us dorks can get all craft-like (hi Jen!!!!) every now and again, on a holiday week.

Happy Holidaze, everyone!

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