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My Goal for 2013: To Keep Blogging, Like It's 2003

Entering my 10th year of blogging (seriously, it was hard enough for me to admit/accept my kids entering their double-digits)  I often times compare maintaining a blog to that of nurturing a child:  just imagine if parenting came with spell-check and a delete button, eh?

Some years are more difficult than others, then there are those times when the suckage runs real deep and all you would need to do is check back in a blogger's archives to realize that one of three things happen:

  • Blogging increases.
  • Posting decreases.
  • Blog shuts down, completely.

Most especially, around this time of year, when folks begin to re-evaluate the time and effort it takes to nurture a blog, as well.

Aaaaaand, then there's the added consideration of maintaining an online presence (MOP, for short), while under the influence of suckage.

As 2012 comes to a close, 63 days post-Sandy and 10 days after the Mayans quit counting (can you blame them?)  I find myself in the totally opposite situation:  clinging to my archives, like a teething child looking for something to bite into (HARD!) and stomping my feet while declaring (in a totally whine-y voice):

"But, I don't waaaaaaaant to stop blogging AND you can't make me...DAMMIT!"

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Holidazed by the Chalkboard Project: I blame Pinterest AND @TheNextMartha

In this house (full as it is)  DIY projects are gauged by three very important factors:

1.  My husband's analytical mind:  I'd mention something about this or that getting done and then he would agree with me, using graphs and/or spread sheets and then submitting a final paper in nothing less than 1,000 words.

2.  My patience level:  I have none.  That is to say, with stuff that doesn't work right, after the 17th time and my aversion to reading directions doesn't help any...either.

3.  Calculating the time it takes to get the job done:  before my husband gets home.

Needless to say, we're a little behind on our DIY projects (not for the lack of wanting, either)  and, trust me when I tell you, ability has absolutely NOTHING to do with our ever-growing to do list...either.

Last year...I re-did our bathroom...during Thanksgiving week.

Okay, I just thought of a 4th import DIY factor:  if it is a holiday week, or not.

This week, I walked by the garage door and noticed the wallpaper was ripped (DAMMIT!) and who wallpapers a garage door, anyways?!?

[raises hand]

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The Christmas Elephant in the Room

Lucy the elephant
Lucy the Elephant, she's from Jersey!

Going to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve has been a Thompson tradition ever since we began adding grand kids to their family tree and every year we would trade-off visiting with my parents, as well:  dinner here, dessert over there, etc...

My kids are very lucky to have both sets of grandparents in their lives, they know it, we know it and, now that my kids are older (aren't we all?)  I'm beginning to truly understand why our folks look forward to having their grandchildren around them, especially during the holidaze.

My father would joke with my kids, thanking them for "re-charging" Papa after each and every visit.

Aaaaaand, as I get older (physically, because mentally I'm still, like, not even out of my teens, yet!)  I'm realizing the same restorative power, every time one of my children insist that I stop whatever it is I'm doing, RIGHT NOW, because he or she NEEDS a hug.

We had my in-laws over for dinner, last night.  Although they live just a five or ten minute car ride away (because, in Jersey, we speak in the time it takes to get somewhere rather than mileage)  we haven't visited with Grandma and Grandpa since Thanksgiving.

It's been a tough year for my in-laws.  Just last night, my father-in-law admitted that any and all of the mileage put on their car is for doctor visits and trips to the pharmacy, which is pretty much how my parents spend their days, plus or minus a trip (or twenty)  to B.J.'s.

This year, my sister-in-law broke the news that Garth (not his real name)  and I would be hosting Christmas Eve (without me, and with good reason)   so, I baked one of my mother-in-law's favorite desserts (chocolate gingerbread cake, and it was good)  to help soften the blow.

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Pinterest is my....SQUIRREL!!!

Pinterest has been my time-suck of choice since it first launched in 2010, it really is the perfect social media channel for folks with really, really short attention me.

Pinterest Prowess

In fact, a large part of my day job now involves spending hours and hours flipping through people's Pinterest boards and...well...let me just tell you, it's like throwing open the cabinet doors, clearing a path to the garbage can and telling Doofus-Dawg to "HAVE IT, MY FRIEND"!

Pinterest is my...SQUIRREL!!!!

Yesterday, I mentioned something on Facebook about my thinking it was cute how I keep pinning all these holiday recipes on Pinterest, as if...

Aaaaand, then I realized my FAVORITE thing about Pinterest -- it is the perfect playground for snark, most especially around the holidaze:

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Pushing Buttons, On The Facebook

It's official, my parents are now on the internet. Or, at least, the 20 minutes of what I was able to show them Sunday night, because it took my husband Garth (not his real name) 2+ hours to actually get them online, which (to folks older than 20) is 2 hours, too long.

Apu on Facebook
A few weeks back, after introducing my father to Facebook, Apu immediately began sending messages to family in Hungary.

It was not the introduction to the internet my parents were expecting -- especially, after everyone and my brother insisted that my parents really need to be on the internet -- and my father also suffers from "Let's see what happens when I push THIS button" (he's a criminal in elevators) which is pretty much never a good thing, especially on the internet.

First I showed them how email works, although my mother was the director of the purchasing department for a large packaging corporation (a.k.a. my cosmetic hook-up) pre-retirement, so Anyu was already pretty familiar with it.

"What's that button do?"

As far as I know, short of sitting on one's hands, there is no cure for LSWHWIPTB and, combined with the distraction of shiny, pretty, blinkies on sidebars, it can be downright debilitating.

"What else would you like me to show you?"

My father is now on "the Facebook" and, as far as I know, he hasn't broken the internet, which really shows a LOT of restraint on Apu's part and, well, I'm pretty proud of him for that, too.

"Did you show Papa how to leave a comment, or respond and *like* a wall post, on Facebook?"

[blank stare]

Aaaaaand, that is why I don't teach people how to use the internet...for a living.

"Papa also mentioned something about starting a blog, like you, too."

Although, I do suspect it may have been a defense mechanism on my part.

"He said, to tell people when they're not doing stuff right."

I'm not quite sure if the internet is ready for Apu.  Then again, it will certainly keep him occupied -- especially, with winter and cabin fever just around the corner -- and perhaps even keep my father from pushing my mother's buttons, or vise versa, right?!?

I'm sitting on my hands, just in case.

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Planes, Migraines and Insensitive Asshats

I don't often go away, heck it's a gosh-darned event just to be able to get out on a date night with my husband....but, when I do...I drink Dos Equis...PSYCH!!!...just kidding, I hate beer.

Aaaaanyway, what was I saying?  

(Looks up at ceiling, blows bangs out of eyes)

Oh yeah, so this week I was in, I physically got on an airplane and flew over several states....after double-dosing on Dramamine, of course....but, the last time I an airplane, over several youngest kid passes out while visiting Grandpa in the hospital...and, well, now maybe you know why I was seriously second-guessing my getting on an all....let alone, tempting the powers of #FUBAR....right? 

(Blank stare)

Long story, short....NOTHING happened....UNTIL I sat down to have breakfast with Busy Mom (don't be jealous) and my cell phone rang.

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Wordless Wednesday: Delinquent Earns Another Reprieve

Delinquent is the anti-lap cat, unless you are recovering from the migraine from hell and then he will make an exception, as long as you don't make a habit of it...YO!

Delinquent Cat and Heather

Also, he may or may not have figured out I'm still pissed at him for peeing all over the floor (AGAIN!) dumbass delinquent cat.

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