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The Christmas Elephant in the Room

Pinterest is my....SQUIRREL!!!

Pinterest has been my time-suck of choice since it first launched in 2010, it really is the perfect social media channel for folks with really, really short attention spans...like me.

Pinterest Prowess

In fact, a large part of my day job now involves spending hours and hours flipping through people's Pinterest boards and...well...let me just tell you, it's like throwing open the cabinet doors, clearing a path to the garbage can and telling Doofus-Dawg to "HAVE IT, MY FRIEND"!

Pinterest is my...SQUIRREL!!!!

Yesterday, I mentioned something on Facebook about my thinking it was cute how I keep pinning all these holiday recipes on Pinterest, as if...

Aaaaand, then I realized my FAVORITE thing about Pinterest -- it is the perfect playground for snark, most especially around the holidaze:

                                                                            Source: leslieandaj.com via Chere on Pinterest


Dangit!!!  Just got the last of our Christmas cards out yesterday (with 10 days to spare...YO!!!) next year, for sure.

Source: google.com via Liz on Pinterest


Related:  my youngest started collecting our wine corks (okay, they are ALL mine) can you just imagine how THAT show in tell would play out...eh?


SNORT!!!  I am totally making these awesome Christmas cookies (AM SO!!!) reminds me how much I really do miss Calvin and Hobbes.  Oh, and if anyone's looking for a last-minute Christmas gift idea...THESE:

Source: amazon.com via Nicole on Pinterest


They ARE mad expensive, but a dork can dream...right?!?...RIGHT?!?

[sound of a tree, falling in the woods]

Riiiiiiiight, so rather than looking for the perfect holiday mantle or table setting (who knew my having mis-matched dinnerware would be cool?!?)  you can find me over at Pinterest, salivating over food (pro tip:  never go on Pinterest, hungry)  and surfing for snark.


Oh, and repinning really, really cute pictures of soft kitties...because, seriously...SQUIRREL!!!

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