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Girl Scout Cookies Are Evil, We Must Eat Them!

My husband, Garth (not his real name) and I went food shopping, together (I know, don't be jealous!) and it was a really big one (that's what SHE said)!

So, after quickly scanning the sales receipt, to make sure we didn't accidentally purchase another child, or something, we were all, like...oh yeah...THAT'S why we haven't been to Disney (yet!) and I suddenly heard someone holler the 3 most scariest words in parenting.

Girl scout cookies.

Long story, short (we can only hope, right?!?) I broke up with girl scouts a few years ago and, well, it was a really difficult time for me.  

Each of my girls enjoyed their run with the girl scouts (my middle girl lasting the longest at 9 years) and I actually looked forward to each of their troop meetings (sort of) as a reason to get together with OTHER moms, at least once every month.

Selling girl scout cookies, not so much.

I used to dread cookie time, but not as much as the leaders and I'm pretty sure we STILL have a couple of boxes (or twenty) left, out in the garage, too.  

So, we walked by...REAL FAST...and then it hit me...the walking into a revolving door...the wrong way...aaaaaaand, please tell me I am NOT the only one who's done that!

Seriously, as an ex-troop mom, I know how hard these ladies work.  

My husband, Garth (not his real name) must have felt it, too (after 20+ years of marriage, you sort of start sharing the same brain, it's sort of weird, really!) he shoved some money into my hand and told me he'd meet me at the car.

"So, how much ARE they?"

All of the girls manning (girling?) the table hollered out "FOUR BUCKS!" at the same time, making me jump and swallow my gum.


"But, if you buy 5 boxes, you can enter a drawing for a grand prize!!!"


"Ohhhhhh, HEY YOU!"

Yep, I knew the troop leader.  My youngest was supposed to be in her Daisy troop in kindergarten, but she didn't know any of the girls, so I asked Hope be moved into another troop of pre-school friends and, well, moms have a weird way of remembering this sort of stuff.

Then I remembered:  she also happened to be Hope's class mom, pretty much all through elementary school, I think.

"I'll take 5 boxes, please!"

Even longer story, shorter (seriously, I know you're busy and everything!) I am a BIG believer in karma and, well, suffice it to say that my husband and I could really use a little cosmic intervention, right about now.

"Don't forget to fill out your entry form."

Fine, so while filling out the entry form, I casually asked about the grand prize...hoping that maybe it would a trip to Disney, or COULD happen.

[one beat, two beats]

"5 cases of cookies!!!!"

Stupid girl scout cookies, dumbass Karma.

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