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Share Breakfast with a Child During National Breakfast Week

Growing up, my family was no stranger to hunger.  So, yes, it pains me to learn that nearly 1 in 5 kids across our communities go without breakfast, every day.  I am very proud to once again partner with KelloggsAction for Healthy Kids and Mr. Taye Diggs in the Share Breakfast effort to provide breakfasts to kids who might otherwise go without.   How?  By sharing ways in which you can help share breakfast with a child in need, too.  It's really super-simple, promise:

For each view, share and comment on their PSA featuring Taye Diggs, Kelloggs will share a breakfast with a child in need:


BOOM!!!  Just like that, you and I just shared a breakfast with a hungry child and, well, that is totally awesome, right?!? Okay, fine, but can breakfast help change a life?  Can a great start help lead to great things?   

Principal Sam Kelly and Nurse Sam Teel knew that their students weren't reaching their full potential without breakfast and took action at their school through their breakfast program at Hodge Elementary in Denton, TX:


Aaaaaaand, BOOM!!!  We just shared ANOTHER breakfast toward Kellogg's goal of sharing one million breakfasts with kids in need and that makes you (yes, YOU!) totally awesome!!!

Hungry for more ways to give childhood hunger the virtual bitch-slap it deserves?!?  EXCELLENT!!!  Share the following message on Twitter:

With this tweet, I'm giving childhood hunger the virtual bitch-slap it deserves. Now, it's your turn: #sharebreakfast

Use your Pinterest powers for good:  repin this Power of Breakfast infographic...and BOOM!!!...take that, childhood hunger!

For more information on ways to help, please feel free to visit the Share Your Breakfast website and Kellogg's Facebook page.

Why?!?  Because nice matters, hunger sucks wet poodle!!!

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Disclosure:    I am honored to partner with Kellogg's in helping families (like mine) achieve #GreatStarts to their days.  I am being compensated for my services for the length of the program.

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