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Sleeping Quadruple in a Sofa Bed

CONFESSION:  I have this thing about sleeping, in the dark.  I know, considering humans are not generally classified as being nocturnal, sucks for me, right?!?

It's like my internal clock crossed wires (or something) because, at the end of the day, no matter how physically tired or mentally exhausted I may be (and let me tell you, raising 3 teens and my youngest a teen by default, I totally be!) as soon as the light goes out...[sound of a pin, dropping]...my senses automatically kick into...HOLY CRAP!!!!...WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!?

No, my husband is NOT very happy about it.

In fact, we adopted our first cat (a few months after we were married) because Garth (not his real name) was leaving on a business trip for several days; thinking that a pet would, at the very least, keep me company and, well, he was a very affectionate cat.

Still, old ghosts can be REAL hard to kill (right?!?) and we were both a little surprised to find that it worked:  along with the butcher knife I accidentally left under my husband's pillow, which he discovered on his first night back.

Thankfully, with his hand (not his head) and by its handle.  True story.

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Aaaaaanywaaaaay, I've been traveling out-of-state and staying in a two-bedroom condo, with two separate floors, for a few nights:  which, in my mind, is tantamount to broadcasting fresh meat to every zombie within earshot.

The first night, I slept in the living room:  without bothering to open the sleeper sofa, because jumping off and out is...you know...THAT much quicker.

The second night, I opened the sleeper sofa:  because I actually didn't really realize it opened, until now...don't judge.

By the third night, I was absolutely exhausted:  because sleeper sofas can be super-uncomfortable (especially, when you are up all night, with a bad back and stacking cushions high enough to be able to watch The Golden Girls marathon on television) and keeping an ear out for zombies is hard work...YO!!!

From left to right: my sorry ass, Corine, Carol and Jen

Last night:  lucky for me, I also happened to be traveling with 3 very good friends who did NOT think twice about babysitting my sorry ass AND calling it a pajama party...instead.

With friends like this, who needs a butcher knife?!?

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P.S.  Did YOU know that Blanche got married?!?  

P.P.S.  Never mind.

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