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Some of Them Are Revisiting Their Childhood, Already?

Hope revisiting her childhood
She insisted on going "back to childhood" because, you know, it was sooooooo long ago (snort!)

The kids are on their spring break from school, which is sort of funny considering it snowed, this week and, well, now that they're older (me too, dammit!) let's just say I'm sort of cursing myself for ever having uttered the word:  staycation.

Excuse me while I start shaking my virtual cane, but spring break used to be SO MUCH easier...when they were way younger.

Give me clear skies, a full tank of gas, an empty playground and we could go for hours without even one mention of So-and-So's family ski weekend or What's-his-Face vacationing in Disney...again.

"Where are we going?"

Yesterday, we were reminded...once again...that the sky is actually more blue-ish than gray-ish.

"I don't know, we'll see."

After I fill the car up with gas, of course.

"You guys go ahead, without me."

Long story, short (seriously, with teenagers, a person could go on and on, you're welcome!) my 19 yo got called into work (earlier than scheduled) and if you have teens (most especially, teen girls) or have ever had to wait on one of them (see previous parenthesis), then you know:  going out in public takes a bit of an effort and my 17 yo was just not feeling it. 

Aaaaaaand then, like a cement block to the head, it hit me:  our days, of spending any length of time together as a family, are truly numbered.

My heart may or may not have squished, just a little.

"Okay, so where do YOU guys want to go?"

I watched my 14 yo and 11 yo look at each other through the rear view mirror and I knew, right then and there, they were pretty much onto me.

"How about the battlefield?"

Where other families escape to warmer climates on spring break, my kids enjoy revisiting areas known for their history of colonial in Jersey...where it's still sort of cold, in March.

"Mom, STOP!!!!!"

Aaaaaand, scaring me half-to-death.

I used to worry about my kids climbing too high, now I can't help but feel as if my youngest has grown out of her shoes...way too fast. 

Glen and I are frickin' cold
"Smile, it's frickin' cold out here, already!" she said through clenched teeth.

On the other hand, the fact that my son still allows me to be seen with him, out in public and everything, and then share it on Instagram...priceless.

Monopoly World of Warcraft style
It was left up to a vote:  World of Warcraft or Dr. Who edition of Monopoly (raises hand) I lost :(

Aaaaaand, then there are those rare nights, when we can ALL sit for hours and be happy to be able to just laugh with each other; usually at my expense, but I'm okay with it.

I'll just keep on shaking my virtual a boss :)

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