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50 nifty and very funny states
The 50 nifty, funny states.

With all the technology available at their fingertips (even our school district started going paperless, two years ago) it is sort of refreshing to see my kids revert to using low-tech, old school study tools.

For example:  making up their own vocabulary flashcards.

What's so funny about vocabulary, or flashcards, you ask?!?  Absolutely nothing, I say.  Unless, I am helping my youngest study for a BIG test on naming the capitals of all 50 states, using flashcards she made up with special keywords (in parentheses) to help her remember and then acts all surprised when I start laughing...real hard...which made it EVEN funnier.

Okay, fine, I'll show you.  This is some of what comes to the mind, when identifying the capital city of each state, to my 11 year-old:

  • Arkansas: (Arken saw a _______) little rock and it was good.
  • California:  (Sock sack) don't remember the reasoning behind this one and I sort of don't want to, either.
  • Georgia:  (Real housewives) SNORT!!!
  • Kansas:  (Peek at toes) clearly, they're a bunch of toe-peek-ahs, her Jersey is showing.
  • Michigan:  (I like to sing) lan'sakes, so do I :)
  • Minnesota:  (Holy) sort of like St. Nicholas, only not.
  • New Mexico:  (Christmas) speaking of Santa, must be his favorite vacation spot.
  • Ohio:  (Found America) still up for debate, but we'll go with it.
  • New Hampshire:  (Another word for wire) took me a while to figure this one out, shuddup.
  • North Carolina:  (Really?)  yes, raleigh.
  • Virginia:  (Bill Gates) he is rich...mon...duh.

Aaaaaand, the one that made me laugh-snort:

  • Alaska:  (I know) enough said!

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Clearly, I have the sense of humor of an 11 year-old and who knew people in Alaska speak so funny?!?

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