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Wordless Wednesday: More Than a Feeling

How To Do Make Up Wrong, In 5 Minutes or Less

Working in social media, I get to watch a lot of "how to" videos (YES, it's a job!) and I have learned some really interesting stuff along the way:  like, how some beauty bloggers can make putting on their make up look soooooo easy.

So, I was over-tweezing my eyebrows the other day and started thinking to myself; you know, maybe it would be a whole lot easier if someone showed me what NOT to do...and...HEY!!!!...wait a minute...I can do that!!!

So, I present to you, the first in a series of "how NOT to" vlogs.


A few post-production notes:  

  • I realize that, even after editing (which, for a dork like me, is quite an amazing feat, in and of itself, actually!) the video ran 18 seconds long and, if you sat through the ENTIRE 5 minutes and 18 seconds, well, then I love you MORE than my tweezers!
  • For that bitch-slapped look:  you heard it here FIRST folks.
  • Being fans of beauty bloggers, I gave my teens a heads up of my "how NOT to" intentions, they're down wit-it.
  • As long as I do NOT tag them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • No, I do NOT blame them.
  • Yes, I know, so I spelled caterpillar...phonetically...I live in Jersey...shuddup!!!
  • I may or may not have had TOO MUCH coffee, already.

Aaaaand, did anyone ever tell you how pretty you look?!?  Today, most especially :)

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