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A Clean House Is a Sign of a Cluttered Mind

Artwork currently displayed in our library (a.k.a. bathroom) If I had to describe our house to you, in one word, and focusing on the positive, rather than ALL of the other annoying stuff that accumulates, when blessed, as a homeowner <----- that last part was for my husband, Garth (not his real name) -----> who sometimes needs help looking past all that other annoying stuff, bless his hardworking and very squishy heart. Sooooo, what were we talking about? [blows bangs out of eyes, stares at yet another big old water stain, on the ceiling above the dryer, don't ask] Oh... Read more →

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Social Media for Good: Blood, Sweat & Brinner!

I started blogging back in 2003 and, thinking back on it now, there weren't many people in my real life who knew or understood why in the heck I would even consider sharing personal stories, "on the internet". Flash-forward 10 years: nearly everyone I know is "on the internet" (including my own father, hey Apu!) doing pretty much the same thing -- connecting with each other and sharing information through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest -- not to mention, sharing stuff about their kids. My kids have grown accustomed to hearing me go on...and on...and on...really, I... Read more →

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