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Male Bonding, in a Houseful of Females, is Sticky!

father & son, discussing manly things ~ june 2007 I love this picture for so many reasons, but mostly because my son and husband weren't aware of my taking it (which is a great feat in and of itself, especially for a clumsy dork like myself, trust me on this!) and, in my stealthiness, I was able to capture an intimate moment between father and son. Don't EVEN get me started on how I just realized that my son still had his baby face in the 2nd grade or how blonde his hair would get by the end of the... Read more →

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My Ability to Confuse People, In Two Languages

Growing up in my parent's house we spoke Hunglish and, even now, my kids have very little trouble following along, as their maternal side of the family tree continues to hold entire conversations, in half Hungarian and half English. now, my mom and I both spend our sundays trying to remember just when (and how) in the heck our kids got so grown... The downside being: my inability to complete a single reprimand, without referring to some Hungarian proverb my parents or grandmother would bust out in similar parenting situations. Problem being: my kids have no clue what the heck... Read more →

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I'm Married to a Saint, Literally

Confession: we're not a very religious family, in the sense that we have not attended church services in a very long while and are, what I often refer to as being, "in between churches" at the moment. If you were to ask me to give you a reason why we aren't, at the very least, involved with some form of organized religion, it would be a very solid....I don't know. We used to be. My husband, Garth (not his real name) served as a deacon, while I taught Sunday school when our two oldest were in preschool and I was... Read more →

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BEWARE: Guard Dog on Laundry Duty!

Backstory: I first Instagrammed a picture of our Doofus-Dawg sleeping...sorry, I mean...PROTECTING the laundry, because someone's GOT to guard it from the danged squirrels. My office also happens to pull double-duty as the laundry room and, upon occasion, Garth's (not his real name) mancave and, yeah, it's not called This Full House for nothing! [sound of crickets, chirping] Aaaaanyway, it's sort of hard to work with a 90 lb. Doofus-Dawg snoring behind me and I was all, he could EVEN sleep through ALL the bird chatter and squirrel-squealing going on behind "him". Here, let me show you: Stupid birds;... Read more →

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Got Teens? You're Gonna Need a BIGGER Puke Bucket!

Yes, we have a puke bucket. Actually, it's a very large mixing bowl (HUGE!) and, well, I'm going to stop RIGHT THERE, as the imagery may be way too much for some folks to consider...right now...if ever. Unless you have teens: where it isn't a family meal, until someone belts out a fart joke (or twenty) and then my youngest (who is turning twelve, this month, EEEEP!!!) begins a rather graphic discussion on the EXACT origin, destination and natural biography of every bodily function known to man/womankind. Oh, hey! Hiya! Want to come to dinner?!? BYOPB!!! Soooooo, aaaaaanyway, I feel... Read more →

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