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I Blog, Facebook & Instagram: Therefore, I Remember

Cape Cod 2013 for Facebook
I left for BlogHer13 on July 24th and I haven't been home, since.

Okay, so I was home for a whole entire day and a half, before leaving for our first family summer vacation in, well, forever, giving myself enough time to:

  • unload my suitcases
  • wash clothes
  • drop Doofus-Dawg off at his country canine cousins' house
  • take my teens shopping for last minute vacation-y sort of stuff
  • [deep breath, exhale]
  • clean the house
  • because, coming home from vacation to a messy house is worse
  • and THEN reload suitcases all over again

In an attempt to ignore the pain in my lower back and the constant throbbing in my pinky toe -- long story, short (you're welcome!) I fell down the stairs at Melisa's house and we were both surprised to learn that I had only broken my toe -- I tried to focus on stuff to help keep me from passing out while dodging packs of squeeing tweens at Forever 21:  

  • I cannot WAIT to sloooooooooow down and disconnect
  • to not have to worry about stuff other than whether it is low or high tide
  • which directly affects where we park our beach chairs
  • or not, whatevvvvvvvvvvvver

Guess what?  Disconnecting is harder than you may believe -- especially when traveling with teens, or pretending that social media has not become an important part of our life and perhaps not in the way that most people think.

Beachcombing with Mah Teens Brighter
Beach-combing with mah peeps, they each learned how to swim at this beach.

Not for nothing, but I've been blogging for 10 years (as of September 1st) so I'm cashing in my seasoned-blogger card in declaring:  being active in social media does not necessarily mean making it ALL about you.

Hope and Heather Bonding on the Beach
My two middle girls are like oil and water, most of the time, so it's nice to see them getting in some much needed sister-bonding time.

It's for me:  remembering the little things that help carry us (mostly me) through the tougher times, for when its seems like we argue, complain or fight our way through every conversation. 

Silence of the Lobstahs Unframed
My 14 year-old son and my latest interpretation: Silence of the Lobstahs.

It's for them:  to perhaps serve as a little reminder that their mother was and could still be very, very playful.

This Full House Summer 2013 in Hyannis Unframed
Spending a rainy day in Hyannis, before Holly and Garth (not his real name) had to head home early :(

It's for us:  because the window of opportunity for our spending any amount of time one place and at the same getting smaller and smaller, by the second.

Me and Garth 2013
Look who I even got to pose with me! Garth (not his real name), he really DOES exist :)

So, I am very, very sorry to have to tell you...dear's never really been about my showing you how awesome we are...rather than more about our remembering how truly awesome we are, together.

Gone With the Wind
Warning: it can get really windy at the beach.

Oh, and that I am also a professional dork:  which means sometimes sharing stupid stuff that perhaps makes you feel a little better...about being yourself.

To think...I have a whole 6 more days're welcome!!!

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