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Because, I'm Awesome, My Husband Said So!

I've been blogging for nearly a decade (because 10 years doesn't sound nearly as great as all the gray hairs I've managed to nurture, along the way, YO!) and I've seen lots of good things happen to some pretty terrific people.

Some really craptastic stuff too, dammit.

Focusing on the great, the thing I love MOST about blogging communities?  There is almost always someone ready to lift you up and out of [enter whatever has you in a funk, right at this particular moment, right here] by the very simple act of typing three little words:

"I get it."

Then again, there are times when the suckage starts to run REAL deep and, well, the damned gerbil refuses to slow down long enough for me to get the words out of my head.

Never mind, having to worry about good grammar, proper punctuation and my terrible habit of using pretend words.

See: craptastic.  See also: suckage.

Besides, there is almost always SOMEONE ELSE who is most probably wading their way through some really craptastic suckage...worse even, dammit...and that someone may be reading this very blog post, right now, thinking:  

"Duuuuuuuuude, you have NO idea."

Sooooooo, I try to blog about stuff that perhaps help make OTHER folks (yes, maybe even YOU!) feel a little better about themselves. 

Today is NOT one of those days.

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Did I Ever Tell You About the Spider Eggs in Our Wallpaper?

I finally caught up with Melisa, today -- she's having a tough week -- although, she'll tell you everything is okay, no really; she's fine.

Still, girl could use a virtual hug.  G'head, I'll wait.

Not for nothing, but having 3 out of 4 of my kids having attended, entering and/or graduating high school, this year (the boy is a freshman, our middle girl is a senior) I feel it safe to say that...YUP!!!...sending off "your youngest kid" to college is a really BIG deal!!!

Personally, I hate to think what it will be like for Hope, when she's ready to fly the nest, with me still hanging onto her ankles and everything, just saying.

Aaaaanyway, to help lighten things up a bit, I started telling Melisa this story, but she was running late (okay, fiiiiiiiiine, she said she was running late and I believe her...dammit!) and I was all like...that's okay, never mind...maybe I'll just blog it then.

Why?  For two reasons: 1) as a cautionary tale and 2) for informational purposes, of the sort of crud that goes on...behind closed walls...especially, when you're not looking.

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Our silly little Loopy Krispies Treat vlog or reason #2,934 why you probably won't see me on the Food Network, anytime soon!

Loopy Krispies Treat
Disclosure: As a Champion of #GreatStarts blogger, I am honored to partner with Kellogg's in helping families (like mine) achieve great starts to their days. I am being compensated for my services for the length of the program.

The kids and I are having a slow week up here on Cape Cod -- apparently, I am way too much fun for my teens to handle (shuddup!) they've been sleeping in since Sunday -- so I was very happy when our friend Sue invited us to her house for dinner, last night.

"Sounds great, we'll bring dessert!"

We're headed home on Friday, so I'm trying to (very, very slowly) clean out our vacation pantry.

"Ummmmmmmmm, who ate the last box of brownies?!?"

After vacationing a week and a half on the Cape, with 3 teens and a 12 year-old (same thing, really), the kids are doing a pretty good job of cleaning us out of food.

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I Blog, Facebook & Instagram: Therefore, I Remember

Cape Cod 2013 for Facebook
I left for BlogHer13 on July 24th and I haven't been home, since.

Okay, so I was home for a whole entire day and a half, before leaving for our first family summer vacation in, well, forever, giving myself enough time to:

  • unload my suitcases
  • wash clothes
  • drop Doofus-Dawg off at his country canine cousins' house
  • take my teens shopping for last minute vacation-y sort of stuff
  • [deep breath, exhale]
  • clean the house
  • because, coming home from vacation to a messy house is worse
  • and THEN reload suitcases all over again

In an attempt to ignore the pain in my lower back and the constant throbbing in my pinky toe -- long story, short (you're welcome!) I fell down the stairs at Melisa's house and we were both surprised to learn that I had only broken my toe -- I tried to focus on stuff to help keep me from passing out while dodging packs of squeeing tweens at Forever 21:  

  • I cannot WAIT to sloooooooooow down and disconnect
  • to not have to worry about stuff other than whether it is low or high tide
  • which directly affects where we park our beach chairs
  • or not, whatevvvvvvvvvvvver

Guess what?  Disconnecting is harder than you may believe -- especially when traveling with teens, or pretending that social media has not become an important part of our life and perhaps not in the way that most people think.

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Donate a Photo: Taking Selfies for Good & Healthy Essentials Giveaway

Our Beach
We are currently vacationing in Cape Cod, MA (a.k.a. my pretend home), and with our oldest girl working full-time and our middle girl entering her senior year in high school (no, I'm not quite sure how THAT happened, either!) we're taking advantage of sharing every possible moment, together:  oh yes, there will be selfies :)

Today, I'm very excited to partner with my friends at and share with you information about Donate a Photo: a free app developed for Android and iOS platforms that allows consumers (like you and me) to give back to causes we care about by taking those selfies and turning them into a way to do good -- #SelflessSelfies.

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