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Confessions of a Professional Over-sharer

My husband, Garth (not his real name) and I recently bumped into friends of ours at the market, literally -- the deli counter can be a very dangerous place, especially on a Sunday night -- which, by the way, some folks consider to be a perfectly acceptable "date night" and typically a pretty good indication that these same folks also happen to be parents of older kids.

Parental Unit #1:  I'm going to head out to the store and pick up a few things.

Parental Unit #2:  WAIT, I'll go with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally, we prefer to cruise the aisles at either Lowes or Home Depot.

Aaaaanyway, the wife and I started chatting.

I mean, our "friend's wife".  

I don't have a wife.

Although, I feel it safe to say that we could ALL use an extra wife, or twenty, right about now, am I right?!?

Soooooooo, we were chatting about our kids (because, but of course!) when her husband comes up to me and says:

"So, you gonna blog this too?!?"

I still truly believe it as a moment of innocent teasing.

This is the same guy who honks his horn every time he drives past our house, several times a day and, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I holler: 

"Heeeeeeeey, Wayne (not his real name, either!)"

Still, I can't help but wonder:  in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, are people IRL (who also happen to be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram) still a little leary about my blogging?

On the one hand:  I get it, the enthusiasm of over-sharers can be exhausting, especially when given the opportunity to self-publish.

On the other hand:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (the platform of choice for beginner and novice over-sharers, everywhere) are the direct descendants of blogging.

On the other, other hand:  one of the many things I've loved about my working in the social media industry is that I get to share stories that are both relevant and relate-able to both my online AND offline communities.

So, yes, I am an over-sharer: with a business plan, portfolio and a resume.

On the other, other, other hand: I don't believe in sharing ALL the things, here or on any other social media platform, is necessarily a real healthy thing, either.

Most especially, now that I have teens and they also read my blog:  I hope you guys finished your homework and would someone PLEASE change the ding-danged dishwasher, already!

Oh, and thank you Wayne (not his real name, either) because, now you know, that I know, I knew what you meant.

Aaaaaaaand this blog post really doesn't have anything to do with our bumping into each other on the deli line, a couple of Sundays ago, not directly and not that it's been on my mind or anything :)

Either way, if I were you, I still wouldn't go on Tumblr:  duuuuuude, it CAN totally get REAL scary up in there.

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