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Hard to Digest Moments: Watching movies
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Liz and Glen's Hard to Digest Moment

I am honored to be able to partner with Kellogg's as a Champion of #GreatStarts blogger, with many thanks for their sponsoring this blog post and allowing me to share our stories with families (like mine) and (hopefully) help get each day off to a great start.

Have you seen the latest Kellogg's commercials? How'd That Happen and Tweezers are part of the Rice Krispies "hard to digest" campaign, showcasing awkward moments between parents and kids.

When our little ones get smart enough to ask questions that we're just so NOT ready to answer...yet...and, I'm sorry to say, the conversations don't get ANY easier once your kids get older (whenever they actually decide to talk to you, I mean).

So, when my friends at Kellogg's challenged me to capture our own version of a "hard to digest” moment and then encouraged me to create a humorous video about it...*snort*... it was like giving a kid the keys to a virtual candy store.

This time, I asked my 14 year-old son to help and he said yes (cue choir of angels, singing):

The key message of this campaign is a simple one, "some topics are hard for kids to digest, but Rice Krispies cereal is easy and it’s gentle on tummies because of its simple ingredients".

Although my kids are older and don't necessarily relate with stuff referencing their "tummies", Rice Krispies remains a family-favorite and...quite frankly...raising teens is difficult enough...we could certainly use all the simple we can get.

Oh, and the fact that my son voluntarily helped with the making of this video is huge...HUGE!!!!...not knowing what I was going to say and then capturing his reaction...TOTALLY EPIC!!!

Aaaaand, now it's in my blog's archives:  which I also lovingly refer to as "break curfew again and I'll show you girlfriend" files.

Take notes, youngins :)

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Disclosure: As a Champion of #GreatStarts blogger, I am honored to partner with Kellogg's in helping families (like mine) achieve great starts to their days. I am being compensated for my services for the length of the program.  As always, the words and opinions expressed here are mine.

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