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So, what's with the Susie Homemaker thing?!?!?

Cinderella's Castle
Proof that I used to bake, for real:  my oldest daughters 3rd birthday Cinderella's castle cake, I'm just as surprised as you are!

My husband came home last night to find a few disturbing signs:

  • Furniture and/or rooms moved around (again)
  • New doorknobs on the bathroom, the pantry (formerly known as the linen closet) and the girls' bedroom door
  • And me cooking; furiously whisking up a honey mustard glaze, with every other burner firing on the stove.

In the past, this sort of behavior usually meant one of three things:  someone is sick, dying or having a baby.

Although I have ZERO intentions of becoming "the oldest pregnant blogger" and shut your mouth for even thinking it [shiver] in this case, having experienced the other two (in just one weekend) I seem to have gone into some freaked-out and totally irrational form of nesting.

Aaaaaand, if you've ever experienced any of those things (especially, at the same time) I feel it safe to say we ALL deal differently with suckage (of which, cancer sucks hairy donkey balls).

Some folks scream, cry or beat the hell out of drywall, like it owes you money AND yes I have done ALL of those things.

Because, IMHO, internalizing that shit is toxic.

I also clean house (figuratively and literally) while simultaneously attempting to mentally and physically purge myself know...suckage.

Lately, however, I've been internalizing a lot of shit: which means the house is very, very clean AND organized.  

Aaaaaand, while cleaning out the girls' closet (for the eleventy-hundrendth time) I found a couple of old photo albums, then I lost my shit.

Holly's 3rd birthday
Wait a minute, I baked this AND had two kids under the age of four, what level of Martha Stewart hell is this?!?

You see, I'm feeling a little discombobulated (even more than usual, I mean) which also means I'm least, I'm pretty sure...second-guessing myself on...ummmmm...anything, anymore (seriously, you guys with younger kids, shit happens even when they're grown, so just don't even bother making plans) so it's really hard for me to believe that I ever had a handle on...well...everything.

Heather and Holly Halloween 1996
Holy crud on a stick, I sewed really cute stuff too, seriously?!?!?

Oh, and now (more than ever) life seemed so MUCH more simpler when my kids were little-er:  preparing for and celebrating from one holiday to the next and crafting (apparently) like a boss.

Christmas 1999
I didn't make this, it was a gift, THANK GOODNESS!!!

I continued to flip through photo albums (after cleaning off the dust, first, of course) not EVEN bothering to wipe away the tears rolling off the pages, and then it hit was like being face-palmed with a brick, really...OH, I GET IT!!!

Heather and Glen
No, no, no, like you WANT to hug your sister...g'head...I'll wait.

Parenting teens is like experiencing childbirth...all...over...again!!!

This Full House Complete
Yes, they are ALL mine, I've got the scars to prove it!

You only sort of remember the good stuff, until you catch a glimpse of the stretch marks and...AYUP!!! seems I'm STILL not done growing into mine...YO!!!

This Full House Still Growing
Aaaaand, yes, I'm back to ripping wallpaper (again!)

Moral of the Story:  so, the next time you come across a photo of an immaculately decorated room or a super-creative project someone has posted on their blog or Pinterest (rest assured, it will NOT be mine) don't be jealous!!!

They may just be purging a little suckage of their own...or some shit like that.

Hope did a good job decorating her side of the bedroom, yes?

But wait, there's more!!!

As did Heather, right?!?

However, if I happen to be posting house pics or anything related to food AND most especially DIY type of stuff on my blog:  you SHOULD be really, really glad you DO NOT have to live with me!

On order
This pretty little bit of decorating nirvana is currently on order for the rest of their wall, which is mostly on Holly's side of the bedroom, which is so NOT pin-worthy, at the moment -- the girl works full-time, enough said.
Unless, you are totally into spontaneous, irrational shit...then come on ova!!!...I'll leave the porch light on for you and everything :)

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