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Bing translator comes up with some crazy sh*t on Facebook.

Me and my Daddy
My dad and me, as seen on Facebook.

My 3 oldest kids are on Facebook; once my youngest turns 13, I will probably allow her to create a Facebook account, too.

Aaaaand, just like her older siblings, I will also insist that she "friend" me on Facebook, because I believe in being a fair and equally annoying parent to ALL of my children.  

Then, my parents got online and it wasn't long before I introduced my dad to Facebook

It's been fun watching my Dad reconnect with family members (who mostly live in Hungary and Austria) and he really enjoys keeping up with what his grandchildren are doing on Facebook.

Which has proven to be a wonderful filter: don't post anything that would embarrass your grandparents on Facebook.

Apparently, some of my Facebook friends seem to be having lots of fun trying to make sense of the Hungarian to English translation.

I love clicking the "see translation" button on your dad's comments, Bing comes up with some crazy sh*t! The only thing that would make it better is if I knew what he was really saying to compare it to said crazy sh*t it says he said, lol!

Because I am SUCH a people-pleaser, here is the crazy sh*t that Bing said, he said.

My Dad's comment on my Facebook:

Draga gyermekeim a vilagon nincs buszkeb apa mint en mert szeretet nelkul nincs semi koszonom gyermekeim legalabb ennyit tanultatok apatoktol aki egy gatyaban keszte az eltet de ha nincs szeretet nincs semi imadlak benneteket.

So, the translation being:

My dear children, there is no other father in the world prouder than I am, because without love there is nothing.  Thank you, my children, for at least this much you have learned from your father, who started his [new] life [in America] with nothing more than a pair of pants.  If there is no love, there is nothing.  I adore you all.

Then, there's what Bing said, he said:

The world is not buszkeb draga, father of my children as without love there is no because it is semi en thank you my children, you have learnt at least this much apatoktol the eltet Muhammad Kabir who is a gatyaban but if there is no love there is no semi swaddling you.

Long story, short:  I am the father of my father's children and his name is Muhammad Kabir, but you can call me MuKa.

[sound of crickets, chirping]

So, yeah, I can't WAIT to see what Bing says, he says, next.  Oh, and I am also changing my blog's tagline to:  

....don't make me have to semi-swaddle your ass.  

Stupid English, dumbass Bing.

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