Throwback Thursday: We All Fall Down
Throwback Thursday: The time my grandmother and I ran away from home with Def Leppard.

#OneSmallChange Challenge: Step #2 - Permission to Take a Break

I'm very excited to be partnering with the good folks over at Puritan's Pride in accepting their One Small Change challenge: to make one very personal (yet simple) change toward healthier living and then committing myself to remain accountable by posting my progress in a three-part blog series, throughout the month.

In my first post (Step #1 - The Brain Dump), I started by cleaning out the most cluttered area in the house, my head:  because I'm constantly reminding my kids to make time to do things that quiet the mind and...NO!!!...I have never been very good at taking my own advice...EVER!!!

So, in preparation for this post, I've recorded a couple of daily "break-reminders" and this it what they sound like (click the banner to hear it, I mean me, in real time):

Lunchtime, because sometimes I forget...

Hey, guess what?!? It's lunchtime!!! Ya' hungry?!? Good!!! Get up and eat, ya' BIG doofus!!!

Breaktime, because sometimes my back hurts just from sitting (okay, a lot!)

Hey, guess what?!? It's breaktime!!! Ya' back hurt?!? Well, of course it does!!! Get up and stretch, ya' BIG doofus!!!

Cawfee Break, because of course...

Hey, guess what?!? Time to take another break!!! Cawfee sounds really good, right about now, doesn't it?!? Go get you some, you BIG doofus!!!

Point being (and I really do have one, seriously), it's like we grown ups need permission to slow down or something.  So, here's mine, just for you:

Your Permission to Take a Break (you're welcome!)

Guess what?!? Time to take a break!!! Here's permission for you to go do something!!! ANYTHING!!! Especially, if it's something different from what you're doing right now!!! Like...I dunno...get a cup of cawfee...go for a walk...whatever!!! Just get up and do something that makes YOU happy. And, by the way, your hair looks REAL pretty!!!

Not that you need my permission to take better care of yourself or anything, although it would be nice the very least...I have inspired you to give yourself a break (or twenty).

Go curl up on your couch or something...preferably with that awesome book you've been meaning to read...g'head, I'll wait.

Oh, and if you ARE on your couch, then...GOOD FOR YOU!!!...move over, Rover...because I've got a couple of chocolate chip cookies just be eaten.

Now, it's your turn!!! What inspires you to try something new?

Small changes in your life can improve your well-being. Puritan's Pride wants to help. Pledge today, enter the sweepstakes to win $2,000 and prizes to help you stick to it.

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