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Teaching our kids how NOT to take a compliment, nailed it!

Teaching kids how to take a compliment

I made a lot of dumb choices, early in life (okay, fine, very recently too) and now that I'm older (never you mind just how old) do I understand that stupid choices, more often than not, lead to making better decisions, later on.

But, don't tell my kids...not just yet...okay?!?

Oh, but I feel it safe to say that anyone who knows me (most especially, IRL) would probably agree:  my husband is an example of a pretty gosh-darned good pick.

But, this post is NOT about him (you're welcome, sweetie!) or necessarily even about me.

It is about my husband AND me, because a bulk of our parenting decisions have been based on stuff that we either:

  • Experienced ourselves, as children
  • We've royally screwed up, as young adults

So, we've tried to raise our children to be all the things that we were/are not and, at the very least, a mashup of our better parts, like:

  • I like to keep things light and encourage self-depricating humor as an art form
  • He is super smart and has good sense, especially knowing when to laugh at my jokes

You know, stuff like that.  Teaching our kids how to take a compliment, not so much.

I think my 17yo is a very gifted photographer.  I have tried to convince her of this for a long time. Now that we are in the thick of a college search (which is a whole OTHER blog post, you're welcome!), I also believe that she should really do something with her ability to capture some pretty amazing pictures, with our simple little point and shoot.

She doesn't believe so, because:

  • I am her mother
  • Mothers HAVE to say stuff like that (DUH!)
  • She is her mother's daughter

It's true, like looking in a mirror, because I cannot take a compliment to save my life and WHAT IS UP with ALL the downin' on raising confident teenagers, too?!?

Aaaaand, I don't mean shallow, inconsiderate and disrespectful little asshats-in-training, because there IS a difference, right?!?  RIGHT?!?

UGH!!!...this parenting gig is hard...YO!!!  

So, as usual, I've taken the middle road: there is nothing wrong with teaching kids that a little humility goes a long way, however, if there is something good happening in your life or especially when you've done something extraordinary...then by gosh...G'HEAD and BRAG YOURSELF SILLY!!!

Unless, of course, we're talking about me.

Then I'mma do it for you (yes, YOU!) or, at the very least, hit up Facebook:  because my friends are SUPER SMART and BEYOND AWESOME, like that.

Like, my friend Melisa is a GENIUS when it comes to college searches:  How to find College Scholarships, College Search Tips for Parents.

BOOM!!! You're welcome!!!

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