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Throwback Thursday: The time my grandmother and I ran away from home with Def Leppard.

Bradi Mama and Me
My twin bro, our Nagy Mama and me in 1986: the year of home perms and fullets (female mullet) with massive amounts of eye makeup thrown in for extra GAH!!!!

I haven't written about my Nagy Mama (Hungarian for Grandmother) since when I cut her ex-husband out of the picture.  It was a post that I had written and deleted many, many times, but man oh man, it felt REAL GOOD to air out some old dirty laundry.

And then throw that sucker out with the trash, where it belongs.

Today marks 10 years since Nagy Mama left us and, rather than remembering her with sadness, I decided to celebrate her memory with one of my favorite stories about Nagy Mama:  the time we ran away from home with Def Leppard.

It was around the time when that picture (up there) was taken, Nagy Mama was still living with her husband and before the circumstances that would eventually cause our family to fall apart, for good.

Annnnnyway, I was probably the only 20-something who actually enjoyed hanging out with her grandmother, Nagy Mama was A LOT of fun.

Especially, away from the house and whenever we would go out together...just the two of us...most especially, on weekends when I didn't have a date...alright, which was most weekends...boys are stupid.

Annnnnyhow, there was this one time when I dropped by her house, very late in the evening (Nagy Mama was a night owl, like me) to see how she was feeling and then suggested that perhaps it would be a good night to go to Atlantic City.

Aaaaaand, it was.

"Give me a few minutes to get my purse."

There was almost no traffic on the Parkway after midnight, so we spent the next 2+ hours cruising in my 1974 Chevy Malibu (sucker was a tank, saved my life once, that's another blog story) with the windows rolled ALL the way down and, at around exit 100 or so, she asked to bum one of my cigarettes.

"I didn't know you smoked, Mama?"

Aaaaaand, while lighting the cigarette, she answered without even skipping a beat.

"There's A LOT you don't know about me."

I popped in one of my favorite cassette tapes and she then made a real valiant attempt to sing along with Def Leppard, but A Flock of Seagulls seemed much easier for her to keep up with.

"I should have learned English, dammit."

Our relationship took a radical turn, since that one night with Def Leppard.  A part of me will always remember her as the driving force behind our family, who also happened to have a real wicked backhand with a wooden spoon.

Another part of me STILL wants to be able to run away with Nagy Mama, which is why I cherish ALL the good times we've spent together.

With just the two of us, it always was.

I miss you SO MUCH and until we meet again, my dear, sweet and sassy Nagy Mama:  Peace, Love and Def Leppard forever :)

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