Thanks for the memories, we miss you already.
It's not creeping, I'm just appreciating good curb appeal.

Because even Type A's sometimes need a Plan B.

Our middle daughter loves New England and has always dreamed of attending Boston University, since she was in middle school.  So, we made an appointment to take a tour of the campus and drove up to Massachusetts, late last night.

Heather is a senior, so we're smack-dab in the middle of the college applications rush, but it is only the second college tour, we've taken so far.

She attends one of four specialized vocational academies, which has more of an accelerated curriculum than our home high school.  This has proven to be both a blessing and a curse -- especially to a Type A personality, like Heather.

Long story, short:  the girl is a hot mess.

Boston University is on a short list of her top three choices, including NYU (took our tour, last month) and Northeastern University, which is also here in Boston.

Did I mention, the girl LOVES Boston?!?  

Except, this time, she wasn't really acting all that excited and I thought maybe it was because we were running on about 4 hours sleep or...even worse...she was just too tightly wrapped up inside, to enjoy the moment.

I kept nudging her with my elbow and whispering, "Wow, isn't THIS cool?!?" and "How awesome is THAT, right?!?"

Dad and Heather
Wasn't it just yesterday he was teaching her how to walk?!?

Guess what?!?  No matter how HARD you try, you cannot pass along enthusiasm -- especially, through your elbow -- so, I decided to hang back and was able to capture this awesome moment with her dad.

Even longer story, short:  she finally admitted (to her dad) to NOT being "blown away" by the B.U. tour (or not being as excited as she was about NYU, anyway) and how she simply felt AWFUL about it.

"Aaaaaand, we came ALL this way, I'm sorry."

Later, after a little talking and A LOT more walking, my husband and I were able to finally convince her that it was SO NOT a wasted trip and, in fact, I suggested that she consider it as an investment in her future, instead -- because Type A's like it when you get all analytical, like that.

"Besides, if I do choose NYU, it means I could come home for weekends."

Of course, I couldn't help but agree...HOW AWESOME IS THAT, RIGHT?!?...and it's always a real good idea to have a Plan B...C...D...or how EVER many it takes...because we've got until December 1st...and us Type B's are super-easy-going, like that.

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