Stupid migraines, dumbass'ologists.
If I have to eat my words, let it be "dessert"!

Decking the halls, like there's no tomorrow.

We've hosted Thanksgiving for more than a dozen years and, for all my talk of going on killer dust bunny hunts and finding new places to hide the laundry, I really do enjoy having family over for the holidays -- YES, on purpose!

Decking the halls with kids 2013

Aaaaaand, now that my kids are older (me too, dammit!) I don't worry as much about:

  • The table setting -- nope, it doesn't match, but I hear that's a thing now
  • The food preparation -- yes, some of it comes out of a can
  • Cleaning and organizing the flow of the house -- seriously, I've got teens

I don't bother with shopping lists (having forgotten them at home, most likely) or worry whether I've managed to hunt down each and every dust bunny, because they're sort of like pets and we've even named a few of the bigger ones.

Decking the halls 2013 snowman

You see, no matter how my husband, Garth (not his real name) and I try, we've come to accept the simple fact that, with a family as big as ours, some things just don't go right and, before you can say, "Pass the potatoes," someone's puking all over your nice, clean and shiny floors.

Decking the halls 2013

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve, we've got a Nor'easter banging on our front door and, well, I did what any self-respecting lifestyle-type blogger would do:  I decked the halls (okay, mostly the dining room) like there was no tomorrow, literally.

Honestly, with our luck, I'll be super-thankful to have electricity on Thursday, because I am also super-easy to please, like that :)

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