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I don't remember ordering coffee light, sweet or upside down.

I am SO NOT a morning person, however, as long as there's a cup of coffee handed to me within the first few minutes of opening my eyes, along with a clear path to a vacant bathroom, I'm good.  Once I regain the power of speech, typically soon after taking a very hot shower and inhaling another cup of coffee, I'm better.

Which makes entertaining overnight guests a bit problematic.

Unless you happen to live with a morning person, like Garth (not his real name), who also happens to be an early-riser.  He is the ying to my....daaaaaaaaang, it's early....wait, I'll help you with the kids, just give me a min....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Melisa stayed over for a few nights last week, she is also a morning person, which means she and Garth (not his real name) spent most mornings....without me....getting in the way of their cheerfulness and everything.


I felt really bad about my non-morningness, so I got up Friday at the same time they did (or maybe it was Thursday, I forget) and tried to be as sociable as, well, one can be; while not being able to speak or see straight, I mean.

Melisa and Garth (not his real name) were in the middle of a conversation -- although I'm not sure what they were talking about, I'm pretty sure they were speaking English -- so, I grabbed my coffee cup, fired up the Keurig and made my way to the bathroom.

Then all hell broke loose in the kitchen and, well, here's how Melisa told it on her blog:

Having a sitcom moment early one morning when Garth (NHRN) went to pull Liz’s coffee cup out from under the Keurig for her and subsequently getting coffee all over the place because she had put it in there upside-down. After he jumped back a couple of feet as graceful as a gazelle (a really manly one, of course), we both laughed together and shook our heads because “That’s just Liz before her coffee!”

Melisa MADE me take a picture, insisting it as a totally blog-worthy moment, for those of us who need visual aid (raises hand) it sort of went like this:

Upside down coffee

It's SO NICE to be surrounded by people who really get me AND know how to jump out of the way, real fast.

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