Decking the halls, like there's no tomorrow.
The year we gave thanks for popsicle sticks.

If I have to eat my words, let it be "dessert"!

Good morning NOTI'm guessing it isn't a morning bird.

We're on the downside of a Nor'easter that came knocking on our house in the middle of the night (because, of course!) and, with a full plate of stuff that needs to get done before the kids get home from school (it's a half-day, enough said!) I am super-thankful to be awake, with electricity and everything.

It's still raining cats and dogs and a couple of squirrels (seriously, I think it's their mating season, or something) so my husband, Garth (not his real name) is all, like, "You're driving Hope to the bus stop, right?!?" early this morning.

Yeah...he's a REAL good dad like that... AND he already took 2 other kids to school, even earlier.

Fiiiiiiiiine, so I holler down the hallway, "You better hurry up, because I am SO NOT driving you to school!"

I, on the other hand, do not react well with matter what the weather...yo.


I've been driving kids to and from school for the last 14 years and experienced many "ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME?!?" moments, but NEVER something like this.

"I am SO NOT fighting for a parking the school bus stop!!!"

So, once again, I'm eating my words and driving a kid to school: on the bright side, the middle school parking lot was empty, making the ride totally stress-free.

"But, the doors don't open for another 11 minutes."

[eyes go wide]

"Aaaaaaand, good thing my coat has a hood, right?!?"

Yeah...we grow real smart kids like that...AND aren't you glad I didn't Facebook this, earlier this morning?!?

[sound of circkets, chirping]

Stupid rain, dumbass #NaBloPoMo.

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