Because even Type A's sometimes need a Plan B.
I don't remember ordering coffee light, sweet or upside down.

It's not creeping, I'm just appreciating good curb appeal.

Bunker Hill Twinsies
Oh, but if these houses could only talk...

Our friends at GM were kind enough to send us a loaner, this week.  They knew Melisa was visiting with us from Chicago and thought I would probably appreciate playing tour guide in a vehicle know...actually works...because they are awesome, like that.  

It was so nice to be able to show Melisa all our favorite places here in Jersey and NOT have to worry about breaking down on an off ramp or, even worse, a jug handle (i.e. traffic circle or rotary).

But that is a different post, for another day.

Here's the really awesome part:  they let me borrow the car through tomorrow, because they are TOTALLY AWESOME like that, so my husband and I took our middle daughter to visit colleges in Boston.  

The weather was beautiful and it actually hit 60 degrees on Saturday, which is EVEN MORE AWESOME, considering we're talking about New England, in mid-November.

I was swiping through the pictures on my cell phone and was once again reminded of my slight addiction to creeping on other people's houses.

Especially at sunset: when the houses take on a warm and inviting glow and each entryway becomes a prelude to a much deeper story that lies within.

We decided to go exploring around Bunker Hill and, well, here are just a few (seriously, I've got a BIG problem) of my favorite captures:

Bunker Hill at Twilight

I don't know about my husband, Garth (not his real name), but I'm pretty much ready to move soon as we hit the lottery...HARD!!!...I could totally see myself living here.

Boston Ticket

In and around Commonwealth Avenue, not so much.  Even a car THIS awesome can't avoid the efficiency of the Boston traffic police.

P.S. The check is in the mail...damnit.

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