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Kids Grow Up, Leaves Continue to Fall, You'll Get Over It (Okay, now you tell me!)

Pool in Autumn

I was never a big fan of daylight savings time -- especially in the spring, when my kids were younger and they would run around at 8:00 p.m., their bodies insisting that...NUH-UH!!!'s not bedtime, because it's really 7:00 p.m.

On the other hand, I could always come up with a way to put that extra hour we'd get in the fall to good use.

Autumn 2013

Today, my husband tackled lots of little p.i.t.a. jobs around the house (that multiply quicker than dust bunnies, if left unattended) while my son and I hit the backyard...HARD!!!...and raked the daylights out of all the leaves that seemed to have dropped overnight.

Glen 2000
Glen in Autumn of 2000

Now that my kids are older, I can't help but think back to the days when stuff like raking the leaves was actually fun and it doesn't take me very long before I get all...MAH BAYBEEEEEEEES...when did they get SO GROWN?!?...and stuff.

Glen Autumn 2013
Glen today, raking the daylights out of our backyard.

Then, it's time to drag the tarp filled with wet leaves to the compost pile behind the pool and...DAAAAAANG...if I don't get over the...MAH BAYBEEEEEEEES...pretty quick, too.

Aaaaaand, with snow-shoveling season just around the corner...I'm pretty sure I will continue getting over it...well into springtime ;)

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