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How (and why) We Opened Our Door to a Stranger

A Brief Encounter, With a Doorman, In New York City

Creepy Mannequins
I hate fake people  ~  Yeah, me too!!!

Day 1 into NaBloPoMo...[scratches head, blank stare]...and NOW I remember why I haven't NaBloPoMo-ed since 2011...this blogging every day (even on weekends) thing is hard...YO!!!

The really cool thing about NaBloPoMo-ing is that there are daily prompts to help get my blogging juices going, but today's prompt was a little too hard (i.e. made me think more than I really care to) for a Friday.

Instead, I'd like to tell you about a brief encounter, with a doorman, in New York City:


Nobody takes much notice of a doorman.  That's because, at first glance, this particular one doesn't really look like a doorman at all.  In fact, dressed in black from head to toe, he seems a bit sinister and maybe even up to no good.

After all, this is New York City and everyone knows you should NEVER trust anyone; especially a sinister-looking doorman, who is also most probably up to no good.

"Hey there, you have a nice day."

See what I mean?!?  He's got nerve, right?!?  Greeting folks AND wishing them a nice day.  Total strangers, no less, that is just too weird.


Oh, and who does he think he is, smiling like that?!?  I mean, really, who DOES that?!?

"Here, let me help you with your bag."

Great, what if he runs off with it?!?  Or, even worse, now he'll probably expect a tip or something.

"Would you like me to hail you a cab?"

OMG!!!  I know, right?!?

"Oh, so your car is not here yet, well then come back inside here where it's warm!"

Seriously?!?  Is this guy for real?!?


By gosh, don't make me HAVE to call security, man!!!

"So, are you traveling far?!?"

That's it, I'm outta here!!!


The above conversation was not a real one, however, it was written all over their faces and in the body language of the dozens of people who passed us by, who may not have considered to take the time to believe the doorman actually has a double-masters degree in economics and engineering; that he has also worked as a pastry chef, while putting his kids through college; just purchased his first home with his wife and is renovating the 1800's house, himself.  His name is Lester and he is the most interesting and over-educated doorman (his words, not mine!) I have ever taken the time to meet AND hold an actual conversation with, in New York City.

Edited to Add:  Lester also told me that most people don't realize that you can also rate doormen on Trip Advisor and, in some cases, management takes notice when they are not and it can affect their pay, but nobody really thinks about it.  I agreed, adding that most folks are just too busy trying to get somewhere.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and give Lester 5 stars for being awesome :)

Edited to Add: my review on TripAdvisor went live on 11/1/13 ( it was easy and took only a couple of seconds, good luck to you Lester :)

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