Sandy Castle, the world's tallest sandcastle.
Thanks for the memories, we miss you already.

Sharing in a little bit of November magic.

When my husband, Garth (not his real name) heard that Melisa was going to visit with us, his initial reaction was, "Uhhhhhh, okay then, where are you going to take her?" 

Considering it is November and summertime is pretty much over on the Jersey shore, after traveling all the way from Chicago, he was afraid the weather would not cooperate and that she would be bored. 

Me and Melisa Fall 2013 in New Jerrrrrrrrrrrsey

On the contrary, Melisa and I have been going non-stop since she got here:  we dropped her bag at the front door and headed back out to explore the hiking paths that run through Longstreet Farm in Holmdel Park.  My kids have been going "to the farm" since they were babies and it is still one of our favorite places to go to walk, talk or just air out our brains, a little.

Sandy Castle

We hit the beach on Tuesday: visiting the world's tallest sandcastle (seriously, it was AWESOME!) in Point Pleasant Beach.  It was built to help raise money for Restore the Shore and we're hoping that it will stay intact long enough for Melisa to come back and see it in the springtime...when our faces won't freeze off...hopefully!

Melisa, Patty and Me

We rode the train into Manhattan on Wednesday to meet up with our dear, sweet friend Patty (she blogs at Enjoying This Life).  I adore Patty and absolutely love the pic we took after our lunch date.  It took us a couple of tries: it was a very windy day, which is conducive to taking ridiculously unflattering selfies.

Central Park Turn on Your Heart Light

Melisa and I then decided to head into Central Park and, although the weather was still on the chilly side, it really did turn out to be a perfect autumn day and we each found new and exciting things to explore.

Central Park Castle
Belvedere Castle: the official Central Park weather station .

The tree behind me cast a shadow on the stone of the Belvedere Castle that I think is both cool AND creepy.

Central Park Alice in Chains
Alice in Wonderland, in Central Park

There are many bronze statues found throughout Central Park, but Alice in Wonderland is my absolute favorite.

Central Park Tunnel Vision
Bethesda Terrace Arcade in Central Park

We also found another cool staircase, followed it down and...WOW!!!...we were both blown away by the beauty of what we found.  There are literally thousands of Minton tiles found in this awesome walkway in the center of Central Park that leads to the Mall and Central Park Lake.

Central Park Tiny Dancer

I was also reminded of another reason why I love living in New Jersey:  it's right next door to NYC, one of the most magical places in the world and I am SO glad I got the chance to share it with Melisa, in November.

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