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Sandy Castle, the world's tallest sandcastle.

One of the many reasons I love living on the central Jersey coast (yes, ON PURPOSE!) is our close proximity to, well, everything.

Agricultural and dairy farms, campgrounds, hiking trails, lakes surrounded by two state parks and OF COURSE our favorite beaches are ALL less than a 30 minute drive from our front door.

Problem is, I want to show ALL of it to Melisa or, at the very least, do my best to make know...want to come back to Jersey.

Yesterday was our first full day of exploring, so first thing on my list of "show Melisa ALL the things" is:  Sandy Castle at Jenkinson's Beach in Pt. Pleasant.

World's biggest sand castle OMG

Sandy Castle was declared the world's tallest sandcastle by Guinness World Records on October 29, 2013:  one year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy.

World's biggest sand castle frozen
Sandy Castle was built to raise money to help Restore the Shore.

Although, my brain was too frozen to think about having her stand next to it (the temperature didn't go above 38 degrees, yesterday) she did manage to snap one off of me...because, she's smart AND really good at this blogging thing, like that.

P.S. Check out to see all the awesome stuff going on in our community of helpers, here in Jersey.

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