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Decking the halls, like there's no tomorrow.

Stupid migraines, dumbass'ologists.

Helping grandma trim her Christmas tree 2013

I blogged about helping my in-laws with a few chores around the house and shared this picture on Facebook, of my kids helping their grandparents put up their Christmas tree, when I noticed that one of my kids was missing...just like last time.

Helping grandma trim her Christmas tree 2011

It's funny to see how each of them have grown and changed in such a short time -- seriously, Glen is nearly 6' 2" tall -- realizing that our middle girl was once again sidelined by a migraine...not so much.

Heather has missed a lot of school days over the years, but her migraines have become debilitating and I once again received the dreaded "I've got Heather here in my office, ready to puke her brains out, again" phone call from the school nurse, last week.

Long story, short: her migraines are becoming more frequent and she has a headache almost every single day, so we've made an appointment with a neurologist at the end of December.

I really hate it whenever my kids are hurting, but it seems Heather has drawn the short straw, especially when it comes to dealing with physical ailments that require visiting doctors specializing in anything ending in "ologist".

She is also smack-dab in the middle of the college applications rush, so it's NOT like the girl needs ONE MORE THING to worry about.

Having to wait an entire month to see the neurologist doesn't help, but we're hoping for some positive news and...more importantly...much needed relief from her migraines.

Heather's text
Aaaaaand, then she sends me this text, her first day back at school.

I mean, the poor kid's got enough on her plate, as it is...especially with me being her mother and our having to share a brain and everything...right?!?

[blank stare]

Stupid migraines, dumbass 'ologists.

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