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Atlantis Rising & other family-friendly book collections from author T.A. Barron {review & giveaway}

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TA Barron Atlantis Rising
Photo of the author reading with kids via T.A. Barron's photo stream on Flickr.

As a kid, I loved going to the public library after school, our town's library was just a few blocks down from my grade school.  I can still remember walking through those big wooden doors, pausing only long enough to take in the scent of what must have been millions of worn pages, and immediately feeling at peace.

Personally, getting lost in a book was my escape from the stresses of being a kid.  Today, I believe that reading helps us (kids and adults, alike) to understand a little more about the realities of the world we live in, which perhaps can help to improve our minds, as well.

It's sort of the same feeling I get when reading some of my favorite blogs.

It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to author T.A. Barron, a writer of books for young people (ages 6 through 16) and father to 5 kids...enough said.  I am also thrilled to be able to share a wonderful assortment of his books with one of our online friends, just in time for the holidaze.

One of the things I love about the way T.A. Barron writes is that his stories always feature a strong female character.

"Having two daughters, I wanted them to have more compelling young women in stories."

Aaaand, it shows: the protagonist in Tree Girl is 8 year-old Anna; in the Heartlight Saga stars a brave teenage girl named Kate and the Merlin Saga includes very strong relationships between Merlin and favorite female characters, who help the young magician throughout his journey of becoming the greatest wizard of all time.

Raising 2 teen daughters, a 12 year-old girl (with 2 older sisters, she's pretty much a teen...5 years ago) and a 14 year-old son (yeah, 3 sisters, poor guy) I can certainly appreciate the author's belief that "every child can be a positive force in the world" and I love that ALL of his books focus on one very important theme.

"A brave young person, who has to dig deep to save themselves and the people and places they love."

Here's the thing: raising kids is hard, raising selfless teens is even harder; but raising a teen to trust and value his or her own character, while some celebrities (music, sports, television, etc...) continue to make BIG bucks off of everything that is dysfunctional in our society, is danged near impossible...YO!

Which is pretty much why T.A. Barron has committed himself to helping to empower kids, including creating a national award that honors 25 outstanding young people every year:

Gloria Barron"The Gloria Barron Prize of Young Heroes (named for my mother...who was an unsung hero for my family and her students) is all about turning the spotlight on these wonderful young people, so that their stories might inspire others".

Here is the author explaining his latest work Atlantis Rising (I'm reading it, right now!) in which he explores the creation (rather than the destruction) of the city of Atlantis:


If you'd like to learn more about the author, or perhaps even connect with him online, you can find T.A. Barron here:

Official website of T.A. Barron (http://tabarron.com)
T.A. Barron on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TABarronFans)
T.A. Barron on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TABarronAuthor)
T.A. Barron on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/tabarronweb)

Okay, you ready for the really good part?!?  EXCELLENT!!!

T.A. Barron Giveaway

I am thrilled by this opportunity of introducing you to a terrific writer of books for young people AND, by partnering with the author in hosting a giveaway of a collection of T. A. Barron books signed by the author himself (with a retail value of approximately $100.00), I'm hoping to also help empower families of young readers AND not-so-young readers, just in time for the holidaze!

Because, we roll like that.

GET IT HERE:  To enter, leave a comment here on this post by 10:00 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, December 11th and you're automatically entered to win.  One (1) entry will be picked (via random.org) and announced via email.  Once confirmed, winner(s) will be posted at the top of this blog post.


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