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Quickie crochet projects: onto infinity scarves and beyond!

Quick and Easy Infinity Scarf

I've been crocheting for exactly a week -- here's my first project, it's a slouchy hat, which my middle girl borrowed and then forgot to give back, accidentally on purpose -- and I've crocheted a total of six hats, two of which don't really count, because they were either too big or too small and I had to unravel the whole gosh-darned thing, but I didn't realize that they didn't fit until I was finished crocheting them, so I guess they really do count, right?!?

Ugh, this using both hands at the same time make something that someone would actually wear...and then have to explain it...without the use of run-on sentences or too many REAL hard...yo.

Anyhow, crafting is the perfect winter-blues-breaker (okay, I realize we're not even into winter yet, but I already miss the beach!) and I am really enjoying keeping my hands busy (and more importantly, out of the potato chip bag), but I was beginning to get all hat-ted out.

So I decided to try my hand at actual making a match-y, match-y infinity scarf, using both hands and everything!

Crocheted hat with matching infinity scarf 2

Here's the thing, I know how to do two stitches:  single-crochet and double-crochet.

Crocheted infinity scarf doubleThe entire scraf is stiched in double-crocheted: in as many rows as I felt long enough (i.e. put it on without strangling myself) before stitching the two ends together in a single-crochet.

Crocheted infinity scarf finishing 2I went around the entire scarf with a single-crochet to give it a more finished look:  but you don't have to do this, as it would have looked perfectly fine and sort of cool with a rough edge, too.

This week's project:  I'm going to attempt to crochet another infinity scarf, one that isn't as warm and toasty as this one, using a lighter gauge yarn, so that it could be worn when it's not so cold outside, too.

Bonus gnarly-rad-techy-type stuff you could do with Typepad (upload a gif in file manager, save link and embed in your post): I back all my pics up on Google, which has this cool new enhancement, which turned this photo into a gif that makes it look like it's actually snowing in my house...COOL!!!...but it's not really snowing in my house, because that would be bad.

[knocking on wood, until knuckles bleed]

Happy crocheting!

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