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Just in time for the holidaze: scented pine cone wreath.

Holiday Hostess Gift

Last month, my dear friend Beth (a.k.a. Life in The Bat Cave) took it upon herself to reach out and spread a little holiday cheer by organizing a Blogger Ornament Exchange -- sort of like a cookie exchange, only different.

So, I signed right up and guess what?!?  I got paired up with Beth :)  

Now that we're smack-dab in the middle of the holidaze -- you know, that constant "Uhhhhhhh, what year is it, again?!?" feeling you get in between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day -- and because my contribution to the ornament exchange got to Beth's house safe and sound, I thought this would be a real good time to share with you a super-easy craft that would make a terrific holiday host or hostess gift, as well.

For this craft, you will need:

Holiday Hostess Gift MaterialsI opted to purchase cinnamon-scented pine cones or, if you're just not into scented stuff, head outside to your local park and have the kids gather up the pine cones for you, instead.  

Bonus family-friendly activity: make it a race to see who can collect the most pine cones, it'll tire 'em out pretty quickly, you're welcome!

Assembling the wreath:

Assembling the Scented Wreath

  • I pulled apart each evergreen pick into individual pieces
  • Then wrapped each piece of evergreen with floral wire
  • Before attaching the evergreen piece to the front of the wreath
  • And pulling the floral wire through the back of the wreath
  • So I could twist it and attach the evergreen piece tightly to the wreath

I then followed the same steps and attached the pine cones to the wreath and then hot-glued tiny cardinal and birdhouse ornaments onto the center, just because I thought it looked cute.

You could now finish the wreath with a bow or just leave it up to the giftee, I'm easy :)

I sent this pretty little pine cone wreath to my friend, Beth.  I realize that this craft may not legitimately fall under the "ornament" category, but since Beth organized the whole shindig, SO WHAT?!?

She's pretty easy like that, too :)

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