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Parenting teens: the school project infographic.

Help teens get a great start in the morning, for real!

Jim Craig and Me

As a Kellogg's KChamps partner, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with U.S. Olympic legends (that's me over there, standing with 1980 Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist...Jim Craig...seriously?!?) and athlete hopefuls representing Team USA to help kick-off the 100 day countdown to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

I know, who ever thought a dork like me would EVER be able to say that, out loud, RIGHT?!?

Kellogg's is also an official sponsor of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams and, now that we are just a few days away from the opening ceremonies for the winter games (February 7th, whoot!!!), I am super-excited to join the Kellogg's Team USA athletes in kicking-off the Great Starts Program for 2014 AND help share in their Olympic journey!

This month, they've challenged share tips to help other families with teens get the best possible start to their mornings: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

Aaaaand, if you know me...personally and/or virtually...then you know how I like to keep it real AND snarky.

So, I decided to try my hand at creating an animated short (it's my first!) to help illustrate what morning at our house looks like, in my head, because some of us tend to work much better with visual aids (ahem):


Not for nothing, but raising kids is hard, I am a firm believer in appreciating each morning as a fresh new start (or do-over, if you will) and acknowledging the challenges of parenthood with a little bit of humor, along with an awesomely easy and totally free animation software program, really does go a long way.

Especially, when raising teens.

Here's a quick review of my favorite ways of helping my teens get started in the morning, because it also happens to be mid-terms week, yo:

Great Start Tips for January 2014

Also, getting your kids REAL excited about having breakfast for if you were allowing them to break a rule, or something...helps...A LOT!  Feel free to visit with us at the Kellogg's Tips for a Great Start program and check out how my fellow KChamps and Team USA athletes are preparing for Sochi 2014.

You'll also find some really great recipes for healthy snacks, lots of breakfast ideas and other fun mealtime suggestions and such.  It's really cool, promise.

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Disclosure: As a Champion of #GreatStarts blogger, I am honored to partner with Kellogg's in helping families (like mine) achieve great starts to their days. I am being compensated for my services for the length of the program.  As always, the words and opinions expressed here are mine.

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