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Wordless Wednesday: January Thaw

Open mouth, insert foot, antagonize a phlebotomist.

Standing room, in the waiting room, onlyI am NOT a big fan of needles and I absolutely HATED taking my kids for their shots...EVEN fellow needle phobia sufferers (a.k.a. trypanophibia) can well imagine, yes?

If no, it's okay, it simply means I closed my eyes, counted one alligator, two alligators and then cried, right along wit-em.

My son is on a specific type of medication, that requires a monthly blood test, which means I have to take him to a lab and have his blood drawn he refers to as...the place where he bleeds, on purpose...every month.

Long story, short: it is NOT a fun date, for either of us. Also, the fact that the lab is only open until 3:00 p.m. on weekdays, and closes at 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays, makes it all the more complicated.

We missed our Friday appointment (because I am also SO NOT a fan of driving in the snow and/or ice), but decided...meh, NO BIGGIE...we'll just try again on Saturday.

Standing room, in the waiting room, only
Standing room, in the waiting room, only.

Guess what?!? I hate waiting, especially when there is absolutely NO place to sit, but NOT more than my son.

"Can't we just come back on Monday?"

Here's the thing, the thing about raising teenboys: they have absolutely no patience; especially when it comes to bleeding, on purpose.

"We're here now, let's just see how it goes, okay?"

On the other hand, I feel it safe to say, there are many facets to a mother's patience level.

"I'll come over so you don't have to stand."

Also, whether or not it happens to be Garth's (not his real name's) day off and because...OY MY BACK...and I can't feel my anything.

"Can't we just come back on Monday?"

The waiting room looked EVEN fuller in person and because, football play-offs.


So, here it is, Monday and I'm happy to report that we were in and out within 10 minutes, but NOT before chatting with the phlebotomist a bit.

"Sorry, I hope you didn't have to wait long, but our computers are down."

[one beat, two beats]

"Pffffffttttt, this is NOTHING, you shoulda seen it when we were here on Saturday!"

Aaaaand, any OTHER reasonable person would have left it at that.

"You know, it would be sort of nice if the lab was open on Sunday mornings, too."

I am NOT that person.

"I know, I was working on Saturday."

[eyes go wide]

"But, I didn't leave for home until well after 3:00 p.m."

[opens mouth]

"And I didn't get to prepare for my son's birthday on Sunday, until Sunday morning."

[inserts foot]

I really hate it when that happens, especially when we seem to be assigned to the same phlebotomist, but NOT more than my son.

"Well, you ARE very gentle and happen to be our favorite!"

[sound of crickets, chirping]

My son has asked for his father to take him again, next month...and ALL the times after that...nope, I don't blame him...either.

Stupid waiting rooms, dumbass needle phobia.

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