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Sure, I like snow: just not so wet, cold and snowy.

As a family of Jersey girls and boys -- my husband, Garth (not his real name), the kids and I were ALL born and raised here -- we've grown accustomed to snow.  It's the wintertime.  We live on the East coast.  It snows on the East coast, especially in wintertime, sometimes it even snows A LOT.

Holly not digging #Janus
Our oldest was not digging, helping me dig out of #Janus.

Yesterday was no exception, although when the forecast called for "a major snow event" we immediately split into two camps: there is team "I hope we get dumped on!" and the other half of us are all...I HOPE [enter name of next major snow storm, here] BLOWS OUT OVER THE FRIGGIN' OCEAN, THE JERK.

Guess which one I'm on?!? G'head, I'll wait.

We've had winter storms that start off with a BANG (or BAH-TAH-BING, if you're from Jersey) and then sort of just fizzle out, but then OTHER times they really do turn into major snow events, THE JERKS.

Winter storm Janus (rhymes with hanus, I know it's really spelled heinous, just not as funny) turned out to be a BIG FAT JERK!

To save on snow days (our kids get out in late June, when the rest of the nation's summer vacation is almost already over, as it is) our schools decided to call an early dismissal.  Which is GREAT!  Unless your kid attends a school that is 25 miles away from home (approx. 30 mins. on the Parkway, on a good day, if you're from Jersey), like one of mine does. 

School bus #Janus
This dude, right here, deserves a nice hot cup of coffee (or cawfee, if you're from Jersey) and then maybe even a medal.

It took Heather's bus driver 2 hours to get home and I spent almost ALL of those TWO HOURS staring out our front door (it's okay, the neighbors who live directly across the street from us weren't home and they don't really like us, anyway) giving the stink eye to the cars who whizzed on by...not realizing (or caring) know...IT'S SNOWING...SIDEWAYS...SO SLOW DOWN, YOU JERK!!!

Don't even get me started on having kids old enough to drive in the snow...their ownselves...UGH!!!

I mean, I used to like the snow.  Especially, when my kids were little-er, but a little more willing to, you know, actually go outside AND walk in it.  

So, after lamenting how I would like snow EVEN MORE if it wasn't so wet, cold and snowy, my friend Beth was kind enough to help me to realize that perhaps I just wish it resembled beach sand...a little more...okay, A LOT!

She also happens to be a Jersey girl, YO!

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