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The Friendship Bracelet

I'm NOT very good at asking for help. Oh, I ask the kids to feed the dog, change the cat litter, pick up the wet towels or take out the garbage...which becomes more of a DEMAND...especially, after asking for the 3rd or 4th time...DAMMIT!

Asking someone (especially, another mom) to do me a solid, not so much (a.k.a. a favor, do me a solid is a phrase I first heard in 1991 on an episode of Seinfeld called "The Jacket", look it up youngins!).

Long story, short (because, this WAS supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post and, well, since you're already here and everything): yesterday was a bad day and I was feeling more than just a lee-tull overwhelmed with worry...more than usual, what with living in a houseful of teens, I mean...about ALL the things.

My health...this husband, Garth (not his real name)...that kid...our finances...oh, and those other many kids do I have, again?!?

It's like walking around with a rabid, zombie-like mutant gerbil or hamster, because I can NEVER remember which is which, so I'm going with a germster or a hambil, constantly gnawing at my brain and even the voices in my head are all like...we're outta here...PEACE-OUT!!!

Aaaaand, this is the part where you should start feeling REALLY GOOD about yourself, you're welcome.

Even longer story, short (too late to turn back now, just a few run-on sentences more, promise!) I was texting with a very good friend of mine earlier today and was ***this close*** to letting her in on ALL the things.

**delete** **delete** **delete** **delete**

And then I didn't.

Because, I am NOT very good at asking for help and EVEN WORSE at admitting that I cannot stand my ownself...when feeling like this...let alone subjecting a really good friend to the germster (or hambil) because everyone has some sort of suckage they're dealing with, right?!?  RIGHT?!?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.  So, I texted her:

Trying really hard not to feel overwhelmed, at the moment.

Less than a minute later, she texted me back:

I'll talk you down at lunch.

Then, I remembered about the friendship bracelet (the one SHE gave me), put it on and then I texted her back: 

The friendship bracelet
You already have.

Oh, and I just remembered something that I am really very good at it: making up or using words that do not exist, like frexting: when friends text you down from off of the ceiling.

Stupid germsters, dumbass hambils.

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