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Blogging is not dead, it just needs a little airing out.

It's no secret, I have this terrible habit of taking pictures of other peoples houses. Some folks would call it creeping, but I like to think of my fascination with other people's houses as simply appreciating good curb appeal.


Then there are the houses like number 1658, up there. At first glance, it looks and feels a bit foreboding, as if the stairs or the railings would give way at the slightest touch and send you right back down into some serious hurt.

Although, growing up in an urban neighborhood, where folks sometimes made a habit of misunderstanding your stuff as community property, I totally get the chain across the stoop thing. 

I wouldn't want a bunch of uninvited strangers sitting on MY lap, either.

And yet, even when looking back on it now, I can't help but walk away and imagine there being SO MANY stories here, just waiting to be told, if given the chance.

This is why I am and will always be an advocate for the blogging community.

Stories take time to manifest themselves, sometimes they appear within a blink of an eye and then life moves on to the point where we often times miss things, especially when facing in a totally different direction.

On the other hand, I am also guilty of not reading as many blogs posts (as I used to) and I am also engaging in a lot more conversations on Facebook.

On the third hand, social media platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter) are just a quick snapshot of a person (in this case, a blogger like me) and very much like a virtual Open House.

For example: I follow Momofali on Facebook (because "stalk" is such an ugly word!) because she's smart...and funny...she also posts smart and funny updates about her kids and dog...and then Momo occasionally shares a link to her latest blog post.

Momofali's Awesome Blog Post

Aaaaaand, this is the best example of how social media helps us to appreciate the curb appeal of an amazing blog post AND further proof in my evangelizing...NOPE!...blogging is SO NOT dead.

Moral of the Story: Shut up and just blog, already.

Until then, I'mma continue creeping on your Facebook (or Instagram, etc...) and you can leave the rest up to my imagination, you're welcome :)

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