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Together Counts: because, some of us parents need all the help we can get (ahem!)

Parenting teens: the face infographic.

Having entered my 11th year of blogging...she said, in a Gandolf-like voice...I sometimes feel this incredible need to share a few insights, if you will, to help save other parents a few headaches -- especially, parents of younger kids.

In case you missed it: there's the little infographic to help reinforce a more realistic homework ritual and the how much should you help your child with their school project infographic.

This week? I'm laid up with a kidney stone-type pain (they ARE the devil!) and, once again, my husband used his super-power of being able to assess EXACTLY how badly I feel with 8 simple little words: do you need to go to the hospital?!?

You know, I could never figure out those pain scales...either...which inspired me to create an infographic to help other parents decipher their child's facial expression(s), based on the top 5 faces I get from my teens.

The Face Infographic Framed

**passes bottle of [insert favorite brand of pain reliever, here]**

You're welcome.

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