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6 Easy Ways to Wrap a Scarf, Wrong

It's springtime here in Jersey...wait, let me look out the window...YEP!, anyway. So, I thought it would be fun to break out with the light and airy scarves, until I tried to tie one around my neck and, well, that's an accident...just waiting to happen.

There are about a bazillion online tutorials on how to wear scarves and they are all great, until I actually try to tie one around my neck and, well, see previous paragraph.

6 Easy Ways To Wrap a Scarf, WRONG!

You know, what?!? It would be a whole lot easier if someone showed us fashionably-dorky-types what [k]NOT to do...and...HEY!!!!...wait a minute...I CAN DO THAT!!!  

Adding to the series of "how NOT to" vlogs, I am very happy to be able to present to you (still breathing and with all my limbs still attached) the scarf edition:


Long story-short: Fashion can be fun, as long as it is kept safe, and I am fashion's number one safety officer, or something like that.  

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Hey...look over there...isn't that Audrey and Vera?!?  


Stupid scarves, dumbass impossibly difficult knots.

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