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What Have You Broke(n) For Me, Lately?

If I had to choose one super power, something that I'm really, really good at -- better at than the average mom, even -- most people who know me (both virtually and IRL) would probably agree: I break things, a lot. In fact, I even blogged about my being a total KLUTZ back in 2008 for a Thursday Thirteen meme. Remember those? No? Well go and Google it, then. G'head, I'll wait. [cracks knuckles, stretches and...GAH!!!!...Charlie horse...CHAR...LEE...FRIGGIN'...HORSE!!!] Today, however, I was in rare form, even for me: Post by Liz Katkics Thompson. My youngest daughter heard me hollering from the... Read more →

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3 weeks; 21 days; 504 hours; 30,240 minutes and a pair of fake eyelashes.

so, this happened. the girl formerly known as thing two (when i started blogging 11 years ago) looking all growed-up and beautiful for her senior prom. To everyone else, it's just a very lovely capture of another milestone reached in the life of a teen. To me? It is one more bittersweet reminder of just how quickly the years have gone by or how they're sort of speeding up and beginning to make me feel a little like throwing up, even. Long story, short: I've been working a lot of hours, lately. Like, if I'm not sleeping...then I'm pretty much... Read more →

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