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#BlogHer14: A puffy-eyed view of the real people behind the power strips and surge protectors.

It was exactly one week ago today, after boarding the first of two flights it would take for me to get to the 10th Anniversary BlogHer Conference in San Jose (because California is about as far away as you can get, from Jersey!), I thought I was going to vomit on my flip flops. I blamed lack of sleep...a nervous stomach...finishing work well after my husband had fallen asleep...on the couch...for the last month...or two...with the dog...he also has a REAL nervous stomach...the dog, too. This morning, after another unsuccessful night of readjusting to post-conference life, I read my first... Read more →

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I expect they'll be fighting over who gets to change "my" diaper, too!

making parenting look like a piece of cake since, never mind when! A long time ago (i.e. about two kids in diapers, one in pull-ups and one losing her first tooth, ago) and way before I worked up enough nerve to go ahead and push "publish" on this old blog, a bunch of my mom friends and I would make a little extra diaper money by working with local marketing research companies and participate in consumer focus groups. We were sort of like bloggers, but without blogs. Yeah. That's right. Bloggers without blogs. You heard it here, first. Aaaaanyway, because... Read more →

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