Outing (and then dousing) my social media-shy husband for the #IceBucketChallenge!
So, you've got a kid "not" going to college - ME TOO!

Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to sell my twin brother, in kindergarten?!?!

It was the first day of kindergarten. My grandmother dropped us off at the front door and I still remember my begging her to take me back home with her.

It's not like the school would miss me, there were tons of other kids waiting in line AND none of them had a twin brother...like I do.

My brother, however, was totally on board with kindergarten -- because the school had a playground and naptime was mandatory. How bad COULD it be?

Still. I had this plan:

  • We would alternate going to school.
  • My brother would go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • I would do Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • WHAT?!? He liked school way better, remember?
  • On our days off, we would help my grandmother with the housework.
  • On weekends, my brother and I would teach each other what we learned.

Aaaaaaand, if that didn't work, I would then try and sell my brother to them...for free!


Too late. The bell rang, my brother and I were separated and I followed Mrs. Rivers into her classroom; it smelled of wet chalkboard and paste.

"Why are you smelling the Play Doh, Mommy?"

I have very few childhood memories, that aren't triggered by some sort of smell or taste (no, I did NOT eat the paste...they were using Elmer's glue!) so dropping each of my kids off for their first day of Kindergarten was a WHOLE DIFFERENT experience.

"Feel free to go home now, Mrs. Thompson."

For ALL of us.

"Duuuuude, we were listening to the radio at the office."

I was driving home with my 18yo...or maybe it was to the doctor's office...wait, no, I think we were picking up her 20yo sister at work...because her car was in the shop...AGAIN!...and WHEN in the stinking heck did THESE KIDS get old enough to drive AND work...**sniff-sniff**...my sense of smell is not what it used to be, either...doesn't matter.

"Aaaaaaand, the ladies were all SHOCKED when I started singing along!"

Not that she's shy (stop laughing, Melisa!) and she works with a very lovely bunch of ladies...all moms...around my age.

"They wanted to know how and why an 18yo would love 80's music so much?!?"

Raising 4 teens (okay, fine, you caught me, the oldest is in her 20's, I'm in denial!) a lot of people have asked me about the hardest part of being a parent and I tell them the same thing: forgetting that I'm supposed to be the adult!  

"I told them how you would play 80's music in the car, picking us up and dropping us off at school, every day."

See?!? I can fake being an adult, real good!!!

"Aaaaaand, I told them how we would ALL sing together REAL LOUD with the windows wide open and everything!"

This, my friends, I'm claiming as a parenting win...right there...yes?!? And it's all because this song came on the radio:

She gets it from me. OH!!! Aaaaaand, then...there was this one time in Kindergarten...when I tried sell my twin brother...but you know that story, already...right?!?

The end.

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