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So, you've got a kid "not" going to college - ME TOO!

One of the many things I love about blogging, that really hasn't changed in the last eleventy years, is it gives parents (like me) an opportunity to revisit a moment...that may otherwise have drifted off in the ebb and flow of nurturing a family...or a much simpler time...lost among the trials and tribulations that go along with raising teens...because TEENS!

Now, we have Facebook. So, it's sort of fun to be able to reconnect with childhood friends, seeing our kids all grown up and moving onto college  **sniff-sniff**   and how in the heck did THAT happen, because in my mind, we're ALL still like 17, right?!? RIGHT?!?

[sound of crickets, chirping]

Riiiiiiiight. What was I saying? OH YEAH! So, I've consoled quite a few of my Facebook friends, because sending off your kid to college is a really big deal. 

Unless you have a kid [or kids] who isn't [who aren't] going to college, like me.

Long story, short: although our two oldest daughters' situations are totally different, my husband and I have stood by their decision to put off college, because...well...suffice it to say, if the tables were turned...and YOU told ME that it is the right decision...I'd trust you to know your kid, better than me.

"Heather and Holly send their regards!"

My son had his first visit at the orthodontist, a few weeks ago.

"Oh, that's nice, send mine back!"

The girls had their last orthodontist visit a few months ago, which means the length and cost of their treatment was pretty much the equivalent of a bachelor's degree...YO!

"So, where is Heather going to school?"

UGH!!! Here we go, again.

"Actually, she's decided to take a gap year."

Now, here's my problem. If it were me, I'd be all like...oh, okay, that's good...because, you know, NOT my kid...and I really need to stop thinking about what I would say or do in a particular situation.

"Oh, well, I hope she learns something really important!"

Aaaaand, I need to stop taking OTHER folks so literally.

"Oh yes, she's a personal assistant to a local artist AND a production assistant for our county's teen arts program...it's right up her alley." 

Because, really, how many of us...love...Love...LOve...LOVe...absolutely LOVE our jobs...okay, I do...but, I mean, straight out of high school?!?

"Because, we WANT her to go to school...right?!?"

I literally turned and looked behind me...thinking she was asking someone else...because, I'm real quick, like that...and not really.

"Actually, it's a REAL good decision...FOR HER."

Now, I'm not quite sure if the orthodontist has children...or if she's even married...and it doesn't really matter, but it seems to me that...at this point in our conversation...common sense would tell you...STFU!...right?!?

"Well, I hope so!"

She shook her head...actually friggin' shook her head...clearly, SHE was disappointed.

"All kids go to college!"

Here's the thing, this is my personal opinion as a parent of older kids (20, 18, 15 and 13) and not having a college degree, my ownself.

"Sort of like, all dogs go to heaven?"

I'm NOT going to argue the benefits of going to college...there are many, I know...however, pushing MY kids to go to college...for the sake of going to college...well, that's just stupid.

"You know, the movie, all dogs go to heaven?"

She'd never heard of it...AH! HAH!...so, she does NOT have kids...aaaand, I'm okay wit-it.

"Good luck at school, Heather!!!"

I took Heather to the dermatologist, last week -- because we are ALL about supporting folks who've chosen to enter the medical field and are perhaps STILL paying for THEIR education...YO! -- and the receptionist was really being nice, I think.

Heather looked at me for a second, rolled her eyes and then answered her.

"Hey, thanks!!!"

Siiiiiiiiiigh. We then walked out and I gave Heather's shoulder a little squeeze.

"It's just that...well...I didn't think it necessary to explain myself to her."

Nope, and yep, because this kid is WAY smarter than me...too...and I'm okay wit-it!

The End.

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