Wordless Wednesday: Sand Dunes and Blue Skies
Oh yes! There will be tomatoes, dammit!

My kid friended ME on Facebook, now what?!?!

Raising 3 teens, and a kid who's turning 21 in a couple of months (no she isn't, I'm still in denial!), our parenting philosophy has changed quite a bit over the years, because: what worked with 1 kid isn't necessarily gonna fly with another, all 4 of ours have their own way of ignoring us, dammit.

There is one rule, however, that has remained tried and true: we made our kids "friend" us on Facebook.

Why? Because, their world was growing bigger, while our collective parenting street cred has decreased exponentially, it's the internet.

Also, we made our oldest kids wait until they turned 13, because we're really mean and can totally suck wet poodle, like that.

Long story, short: our youngest turned 13 last June, but -- unlike her middle sister, who joined Facebook on practically the hour she turned 13 -- this one thought it better to wait, because...in her words...it's like giving mean girls a microphone.

Word! And I was okay wit-it, because MEAN GIRLS SUCK WET DONKEY BALLS!

Even longer story, short (gosh, but vague-blogging is hard!): My two oldest daughters both have part-time jobs (my middle girl has 2, see previous parenthesis) with varying shifts, and I tag-team carpooling duties with my oldest, who often times is running late and forgets her cell phone at home, which means someone is texting me to either "Don't forget to pick me up at whatever o'clock!" and "Where are you?" or "HURRY UP!" right now, probably.

"Ummmm, okay, and who is this?!?"

So, getting to the point of this story (because I really do have one, promise!): My youngest daughter considers herself lucky, whenever I remember her name, half the time.

"Did you get a friend request from someone, today?"

I walked through the front door and had just thrown my purse on the faux fireplace.

"I don't know, who?"


Ohhhhhh, right. It's been like, two months. DUH!

"But don't worry, I made it private."

As private as putting it ALL out on Facebook can get, right?!?

"Aaaaand, Papa is on Facebook."

Yep, my Dad is also my very own personal social media police and he's pretty quick to call the rest of our family members out on stuff he reads on the internet...until his youngest grand daughter figures out Tumblr...anyways...

So, yesterday I'm checking Hope's Facebook, because Papa's gotta sleep sometime and....OHHHH...EMMMM...GEEEE!!!


My 13 year-old's first post on Facebook:

Special K hands
I feel like edward scissor hands with a box. Tip: don't leave empty boxes in our house...you will have to wear it for a couple mins

This is what Hope did NOT share: we are CONSTANTLY finding empty boxes left in the pantry, my husband made her siblings wear empty boxes too, so they couldn't text or use the internet for a good 10 minutes, and how she considered herself lucky, because he made our 15yo son wear a family-sized Oreo box...on his head...YO!

Moral of the Story: If it's on Facebook, it's totally blog-able, no more vague-blogging!

In case you're wondering, my son did NOT post it on his Facebook, and he reads my blog so...sorry dude and you're welcome.

Still, I think this whole kids on Facebook thing is going to work out just fine...shhhhhhhh...don't tell my kids that, not until NaBloPoMo is over, m'kay?!?

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