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The Banana Bread That Would NOT Die!

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE banana bread, it is on our top ten list of comfort foods! The thing is, here's the thing: we also LOVE bananas, we can NEVER keep enough in the house and they just don't last long enough to go all banana bread-worthy.

Yesterday, however, I saw 3 pretty close to being banana bread-worthy candidates sitting in the banana bowl and was all...YAY!!!...I'm going to make us some banana bread.

Long story, short: if you've visited with us before, for any length of time, then you probably already know -- NOTHING ever goes as planned, around here.

Good thing I'm good with not planning stuff, right?!? For example: 

There's no butter in the house!

-- no problem, substitute canola oil.

But, there's not enough canola oil in the house!

-- okay, so no biggie, make up the difference with some olive oil; it's almost the same thing, really.

Mmmmmm, it's already starting to smell REAL good up in here...oh, but HEY!!!...why are those two eggs still on the counter?

-- CRAP! Okay, so it's only been in the oven for like what? 5 minutes? Dump the batter back into the bowl (yes, I cleaned the bowl first, because EWWWW!!!) and just gently wisk the eggs in.

Are you sure you reset the timer, right? Because just not getting that...BANANA BREAD!!!...smell, anymore!

-- DANGIT! Okay, so digital timers are the devil! Actually forgetting to tell the oven it needs to "BAKE" the banana bread doesn't help any, either. Calm down, it's been only like 10 minutes (give or take 20), just remember to turn on the stupid oven.

Are you sure this banana bread is actually going to, you know, work out?

NOOOOOOOOOO!!! And if it does? It'll be a Christmas in August miracle, dangit.

Best Danged Banana Bread EVUH!
best danged banana bread, evuh!

Merry Christmas to all and may ALL your bellies be filled with...BANANA BREAD!!!

Okay, that's nice, but did it actually..you know...taste good? Seriously, what WAS the end result of the banana bread that would NOT die?!?

Best Danged Banana Bread ALL GONE!
best danged banana bread, all gone!

We killed it. The end.

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