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Wordless Wednesday: Goodnight (and good job!) Sun

I love it, whenever I get the chance to introduce folks to a few of my favorite things, here in Jersey -- sharing them with the ones I love most...priceless. Sunset Beach -- Cape May, NJ Thanks so much for indulging this Jersey Girl and sharing in some spectacular seaside moments, Melisa. And good job, sun. Linky Love Bytes: Wordless Wednesday HQ ©2003 -2014 This Full House with a fan page on Facebook, a way for you to subscribe to receive This Full House blog post by Email and everything! Read more →

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He's Army Strong, Mom's Still in Training

As a child, I remember reading about the Declaration of Independence in history class and quietly smiling to myself, thinking...THIS!...this is why my family is here. "Mom, I want to enlist into the military." But I cannot think of too many words, other than those my 15 year-old son has been saying, since he was 4 years-old, that can simultaneously fill my heart with joy AND feel as if someone or something is trying to dig its way out of my chest, one spoonful at at a time. "I spoke with an Army recruiter during Career Day." And yet, in... Read more →

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Fun With Keyword Analysis

Blogging is hard! Blogging while under the influence of children is even harder! Blogging with teenagers living in your house? Okay, picture this: it's sort of like attempting to recite the Pledge of Allegiance...backwards...while riding a the snow...with two flat tires and a missing seat. My two oldest will tell you: (left) UGH, no (right) YO! It's daaaaaanged near impossible to blog, especially these days. Not without exposing myself to some serious hurt, I mean. [rubs backside, reaches for Ibuprofen] And yet, here we are -- just you, and me, and this here broken bicycle. RELAX, I am wearing... Read more →

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The Evolution of a Worry Wart

I don't know what happened, really. I wasn't always such a worry wart. In fact, folks who knew me back in the day (you know, when social media was just a twinkle in Compaq's iframe and we actually face-timed each other, for real) would probably agree -- I was pretty loosey-goosey about stuff. Siiiiiigh. That's right. Loosey-goosey. Look it up, youngsters. Aaaanyway, where was I?!? Loosey-goosey. Face-time. Social media. Back in the day. Oh yeah, I remember now -- soooooo, then I started having kids and...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...another worry wart is born. Yep, raising kids has consistently proven to be quite... Read more →

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